People think the internet is a knowledge box for everything they expect. Take a search for perfume. You just need to write “cologne for men to” in a search engine and you will get the next word “attract women.” It is enough to guess that this is the topmost search that men may do over the internet. Why so? Can you tell that? The answer is simple. You want to impress women. That’s it.

Believe it or not, whether it is Gucci or Agent Provocateur perfume, defining which one can impress female is daunting. The bitter truth is that there is no such top cologne for male to attract women. It is quite tough to tell that which fragrance women like on men. As you know that different people have different taste for perfume, it is either women or men.

According to scientists, depending on the chemistry of the body and skin, fragrance smells differently on each people. For instance, you and your friend spray the same flavour and the same brand perfume, but you smell different from your friend. So, it is advised to choose the scent that reacts well to your skin.

Smelling like a perfume shop is not a good idea. It is surprised that 5 out of 10 males don’t know how much perfume they need to spray on his body. Under the influence of smelling well for all day long they end with applying much. Fashion expert insights; always cover your body with light proportion of scent. Apply on your wrists, chest area, around your neck and little bit on your hair.

Men can wear women cologne to impress them. Some fashion experts also believe that the fragrance love by women can be worn by men to attract them. Unlike female, male often like strong flavours. Light scents such as flower flavours are like by many girls. Well, this is just a guess by some fashion experts.

You need to strict on a few things to smell better to impress girls:

  • Buy the one responses well to your body
  • Never ever apply too much
  • Never ever compromise on quality

These three traits will help you buy the best Paco Rabanne perfume.  You may take help of your friends or girlfriend to know the scent suits to your body. They can tell you better about it as how you smell affect others. They can tell you how they feel when you stand near to them. Always buy a sample of perfume and apply it to know how it smells on your body. If you find it better, you can go ahead to purchase it.

About The Author: Sophia Kinsella is a blogger and entrepreneur, she mostly use Agent Provocateur perfume and Paco Rabanne perfume for the personal uses. Try out the more things about these perfume by visting the sites.

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