Top Five Multi Messengers for Android Phones

Multi-messengers are used by many Android phone users around the world in order to communicate with friends and family over the internet. It can also be used to connect with colleagues at work. Getting different messengers and logging into each one of them is very time consuming and not even feasible. This is the reason why multi-messengers are used widely where logging in again and again is not required.

Multi-messengers will manage your several internet accounts together and allow you to communicate with several people at the same time.There are so many multi-messengers available today to choose from which leaves the Android users confused. It is not feasible to keep more than one multi-messengers as most phones have limited space and it is not a good idea to clutter your applications menu with several multi-messenger applications. Due to this reason an Android user should look into some of the best multi-messenger applications and install one in order to stay organized.

IM+ is one of the famous and popular multi messengers and it is basically due to its simple interface. You can see all contacts in just one lists and chatting with different people does not require switching between accounts. There is a wide variety of emoticons given in this multi-messenger which can make chatting very friendly. You can easily change the font size of your messages and adjust it to your preferences.

Nimbuzz is also a great multi-messenger for Android phones. It allows calling your contacts for free and sharing files through Nimbuzz is very easy. It has the best social networking websites like Twitter, Yahoo and Myspace in it which you can access by logging only once. Nimbuzz also supports multiple languages which makes it an international application.

Trillian is another popular multi-messenger application for Android phones and is very fast and quick while performing functions. With Trillian, you can get notifications from Facebook as well and update Tweets on Twitter. Trillian supports AES encryption which makes it a very safe application security wise.

Ebuddy is one of the first and finest multi-messengers for Android phones. Most people use it and log into MSN, Yahoo and other accounts to communicate with their friends with ease. It has a very easy and user friendly interface which is the reason why most people have Ebuddy on their phones. It also sends alerts and notifications on your phone even when you are not using Ebuddy which is a great thing about it.

Palringo is another famous multi-messenger for Android phones which allows you to socialize with new people and also allows you to stay connected with friends throughout the day. It also supports group chats and supports Google Talk, Yahoo, Facebook and others, all at one time. It is a very good looking application and worth looking into if you prefer simple applications with easy to use interface. As most Android applications are complicated, it would be better to choose a simple application that does not stress you out and serves to your needs.

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