Saving energy has become more important now than ever. The rising environmental issues call for home dwellers to use tactics and techniques that will help reduce the excessive consumption of energy and limit it effectively. Keeping your home energy efficient not only reduces its harmful impact on the environment but it also brings about an incredible reduction in your overall utility bills. Therefore, it also helps you save a chunk of your money. Kamal Khetan is a supporter of eco friendly ideas and loves incorporating these nifty tips while designing residential works of art to ensure that the residents do not pay through their nose on utility bills and at the same time make our planet earth a safer and greener place to live in. You need not go overboard trying to incorporate expensive ideas to make your home eco friendly and save energy. All you need are a few simple guidelines to help you look after your energy needs effectively.

  1. Turn off the electricity if the appliance is not being used:

    You may not realize it but a vast majority of the energy is consumed in a situation where the electrical appliance is not being used at all. For instance, the computer and television are the most classic examples. People usually switch their computers and television off but insist on keeping the power switch turned on instead of off. While this may seem trivial to you, turning it off can help bring an immense difference to your utility bills, not to mention the fact that it will help save a ton of your money. The statistics that prove this fact are simply shocking, to say the least. On an average, the appliances that run on electricity consume more than 75% of power in situations when these appliances are not turned on. The best way to counter this problem is by simply turning off the switch and unplugging the device. Practicing this simple step can be extremely effective in saving energy.

  2. Opt for CFL bulbs:

    If you have been using incandescent bulbs for your home, it is time that you switch to CFL bulbs, which is a short for Compact Fluorescent Light bulb. These bulbs do not burn a hole in your pocket and ensure that you save an enormous amount of money on light bills. Over time, it is estimated that these CFL bulbs last much longer than your regular bulbs and help save more than three quarters of the total energy consumed. Besides, it offers these varied benefits without compromising on the quality of the light that is emitted.

  3. Prefer Energy Star appliances over regular ones:

    When you walk into an appliance showroom and are tempted to purchase an attractive looking appliance, the first step to take is not gander at the price. Although the price does play a crucial role, your appliance can turn out to be far more expensive than you may have thought if you do not take into consideration its energy consumption factors. Generally, Energy Star appliances work effectively to consume up to 50 % less energy and buying such appliances by default only means that half the battle is already won.

Kamal Khetan strongly swears by this factor and ensures that both residential and commercial complexes designed and furnished take the green living factor into consideration.

Saving energy is an excellent way to contribute to a healthier and greener environment. All you have to do is slightly alter your lifestyle and the difference that it will make is momentous.

Author’s bio:
Byron Parsons is a stay-at-home dad and is involved in the construction of eco-friendly tools and devices and encourages his children to do the same. He loves the works and creations of Kamal Khetan as his efforts are directed towards a modern yet green environment.

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