Using a Case on Your Phone – Pros and Cons

There are many different types of iPhone cases out there, and some people even prefer to go without a case. What decision is right for you? Consider the pros and cons below when deciding how you want to protect your phone.

Pro: Drop Protection

Eventually, you are bound to drop your phone. Even if you are extremely careful with it, such an accident will happen. When that happens, a case can keep your phone from getting damaged. Soft cases provide protective cushioning and resist damage better than hard cases, but both types of case protect better than leaving your phone as is. Cases don’t protect against every drop, but the odds of accidentally breaking your phone go down dramatically if you have one.

Con: Overheating

Heat drains your phone’s battery and can cause some electronic malfunctions. Adding a heavy case to your iPhone, especially during hot summer days, can increase the amount of heat your phone takes in, thus decreasing its battery and screen life. You can avoid some of this by making sure not to leave your phone in the sun and taking other precautions, but a case will increase the chance of overheating.

Pro: Scratch and Water Resistance

An iPhone is more than just a phone, and a case can help to protect the whole package. Cases will guard against scratches on your touchscreen and camera lens, and can also protect against water and other liquids. If you choose to purchase a waterproof case, you can even bring your iPhone with you when you go swimming. A case will protect against all sorts of scratches and water damage, giving your phone a longer lifespan and a better chance at resale when you are done with it.

Con: Added Bulk

Even the lightest of cases do add a little to the size of the phone. If you prefer something that is pocket sized, a case might limit your options. Hard plastic cases can be especially difficult to handle in this regard, since they usually require being clipped onto your belt or some other conspicuous carrying technique. A case will also cover up some of the phone’s natural design, which is part of the reason that many people buy these phones.

A Possible Solution: Personalized iPhone Case

One possible way of getting the best of all possible worlds for your phone is to seek out a personalized iPhone case. These can be a bit more expensive, but they can also allow you to choose a case that fits your needs and your personality. The case can be as small or large as you want it to be and can have a customized design that shows off who you are as a person. As a whole, personalizing your case is an excellent compromise.

Keep these pros and cons as well as the advice regarding personalized iPhone cases in mind when choosing how you want to protect your phone. Everybody has their own choices to make, and you should think about what decision will be right for your individual needs.

BIO: Jhon Arthur is from and a University Lecturer. She loves to write on technical topics like personalized iPhone case. She is writing from last three years.

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