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Before starting your own blog or website, the selection of platforms always put your in dilemma due to variety of choices around. It all depends upon the choice and the personal preference according to the individual’s requirement. Sometimes they choose the platform which seems to be easy and looking at the pros and the cons of the particular platform.

Although from so many choices, and the WordPress is the most popularly used platforms for blogging and making websites. However, there had been always confusion between these two. Some webmasters prefer WordPress whereas some prefer blogger. Let us see the pros and cons and then let’s decide which one is the best

Blogging on is very easy for the beginner. It hardly takes 10 minutes to create an account and if you already having account on Google or Gmail then you need to make another account. Once you are done with the writing part, then you can follow the guidelines to post the blog and publish it easily on the internet whereas installing wordpress is little bit tough from the beginner’s point of view and also you need to host the wordpress account on your own but by suing cPanel, you can easily install in just one click.

WordPress gives us customized options like addition of plug-ins, sidebar, menu and everything which are basic but major requirements. There are excellent choices to choose your favorite theme that crack through Google. Although this process takes some time to learn but it could be somehow difficult for a beginner whereas blogger is not rich in case of themes but there is no such problem of learning basics because themes are readymade and the user needs to pick only.

There are some publishing problems with the blogger because blogger doesn’t allow sorting articles into different focuses however; posting articles with blogger can take forever. On the other hand, word press give you choices to add each category in the respective columns and the categories are easily added without any confusion in a much faster way.

If we look at the content point of view then blogger does not have any restrictions where as WordPress do have and in earlier times wordpress was much used Fastweb with the passage of time and advancements in Google, there are lot of changes in blogger and now people are more inclined towards blogger.

With regards to copyright and ownership, blogger is not good because your content is owned by Google and has authority to shut down when it doesn’t like your blogging and wordpress does not receive any warnings  in that case. With a separate domain name, you blog is being hosted in your account only and you thus have complete control on the website and free to write anything according to your choice.

Author Bio:  Jenni is a person with a passion for writing. She has written many articles on various topics , for more information you can check her other blogs.

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