White Label Dating Providers: The Business of Romance

The internet now has a milieu of private label dating or white label dating providers and programs. With there being so many choices to choose from, picking a successful white label dating program has become very important.

Platforms should be chosen for their ease of use and their ability to be understood without much effort. There should a variety of templates to choose from and they should be customizable to a certain degree. Being able to customize the template lets the website be catered towards the targeted audience. The program must also have an effective and simple customer support procedure and most importantly, a large database of already existing members.

Web based dating web sites utilize market metaphors to create matches between people. Match metaphors are basically frameworks whose concept is to help individuals to understand new concepts through familiarity and through a set frame work. Blandly put, people go to dating websites in order to look for partners for marriage or for companionship and they market themselves in order to attract interest. The goal is put an individual’s conceptual orientation in a manner which generates interest among similarly oriented people in order to create a successful romance.

Most private label dating programs such as Dating Factory, etc. allow for media to be uploaded. This is generally in the form of images and in some cases videos. Members browse through the pictures and videos uploaded by other members that they may be interested in and who they may want to meet. Few web sites even have webcasts, online chatting services and voice over internet protocols. There are also message boards and other such facilities.

Generally, these websites do not require a fee during signing up but the payment of a certain fee opens up certain functions. For example, a website may feature voice over internet protocol but only paying members will be allowed to use such a feature. Site revenue is generated through paid memberships and after some success, through advertisements on the web site.

Programs such as Dating Factory factor in two variables in order to help the business achieve a decent amount of monthly income. The first variable is the number of member and the second is customer support. Successful programs are those who have a high conversion rate from their large databases. The program should also keep people in the program and have a high retention rate. Paying members should be encouraged to stay as long as possible instead of choosing different platforms to find their romantic partners.

The private label dating business should be set up with a long term goal. It is obvious that there should be continuous cash flow from the online service that the program offers. It is always better to broaden the scope of the program and to appeal to a wider market base. However, there are a lot of programs who have a very specific market such as people from a specific region or of a specific ethnicity and these too are very successful. If you are using a business plan that targets a large audience, then look for programs which run in multiple countries. Online dating is such that its applicability is universal. The internet has now become a universal phenomenon and it has brought together the people of the world. The advent of such a forum has also created the opportunity for a lot of business enterprises to flourish under the banner of the internet. People everywhere want to meet their soul mates and private label dating programs provides an answer to both users and to businessmen.

Catherine Wallace is a digital marketing expert who has been working with web based business enterprises for the past ten years. Recently, Catherine has been following white label dating providers such as Dating Factory and has been keeping track of their growth and success. Contact Catherine for any advice related to web based marketing or white label dating programs.

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