Why Is Team Building Better Than A Company Retreat

Teamwork and cooperation in an office increase the morale of employees and usually result in higher productivity. Therefore, companies are always looking for ways to promote this environment in an organization. For years, corporate retreats were considered to be the best way to do this. However, companies have found that team building needs much more than retreats. Most of the companies have started involving their employees in teamwork activities, where employees perform various tasks on the premises. They are given a problem and they have to solve it together.

In corporate retreats, employees are taken to a different location for all kinds of team building and recreational activities. Although this is a good option, but teamwork activities are much better than corporate retreats as they have many advantages. In this article, we will give you a comparison between team building activities and corporate retreats so that you can understand why teamwork activities are better.

Comparison Between Teamwork Activities and Corporate Activities

1) Cost – Corporate retreats are usually organized off premises. That means the company has to pay for transportation, food and accommodation of the employees. This can be quite costly at times. On the other hand, teamwork activities usually take place on company premises. This saves a lot of money as nothing has to be spent on transportation or lodging. Moreover, productivity is not reduced as employees are not tired because of travelling long distances.

2) Purpose – The whole purpose of teamwork activities and company retreats is to make sure that employees take them seriously. During company retreats, employees may be distracted as they are taken off premises. Some of them may consider it to be just a day off. On the other hand, teamwork activities make sure that the employees have fun but also understand that the whole thing is serious as it is handled on company premises.

3) Comfort level – There are many people who do not like outdoor activities. Some may be reserved while other may have physical limitations. When employees are taken off premises for corporate retreats, they may lack comfort. On the other hand, teamwork activities are handled in a controlled environment on office premises. This makes sure that people are more comfortable and enjoy themselves.

4) Keeping everyone together – As corporate retreats are organized outdoor, it is very difficult to keep everyone together at all times. People may find their own way of fun and may get involved with that rather than participating in activities. Teamwork activities are handled in a concentrated environment so that everyone performs together. This makes sure that people work together towards a common goal.

5) Permanence – Results achieved through corporate retreats may not be permanent. As soon as employees return to an office, they may get back to their old self rather than cooperating with others. On the other hand, team building activities are handled in an office environment. It is easier to adapt to new behaviour knowing that the foundation of all cooperation was set up in the office.

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