Is It Wise to Buy Facebook Fans?

More and more businesses are opting to develop a presence on Facebook in an attempt to attract new customers, stay in touch with existing customers, and build their brand. Unfortunately for those brand owners, Facebook users are becoming quite resistant to advertising, and with good reason. Between the brands that are competing for fans, the ads at the side of the page, and the in-stream promoted posts that Facebook has started to run on the site, users of this popular social network are being bombarded with marketing messages from all sides. If you want to have people follow your page, you will need to stand out from the crowd.

Having Fans makes it Easier to Get Fans

If a Facebook user sees that your site has just a small number of fans, they’ll probably view it with suspicion. They will want to know why no one else likes the page. Are you a spammer?  Is the page fake? Is your brand just no good? Those questions are sensible questions for a Facebook user to ask. If you have a decent number of fans then the user will feel more comfortable becoming a fan of your page themselves.

So, how can you get those fans? If you have a lot of Facebook friends, you could ask them to like your page. Otherwise, you could buy Facebook fans. In most cases, just a hundred or two fans is enough to get past that initial hump and get real users to become fans of your page.

Where to Buy Facebook Fans

You should tread carefully when you buy Facebook fans and likes. There are lots of companies and individuals selling fans, from reputable marketing agencies and SEO experts to independent sellers on micro-jobs sites and webmaster forums. Research the services offered by each seller carefully. Some companies deliver fans to you in an honest, reputable way, by promoting your site to a highly targeted audience. This kind of service can be expensive, but it is worth it because the fans have a value beyond simply increasing the number shown next to your page.

The cheapest form of Facebook fan is the fake account. Some sellers use bots to create armies of fake accounts, and when you buy likes, they use their script to automatically like your site from each account. You should be wary of using this kind of service, because if you are caught then it could do a lot of damage to your brand. Do you really want your customers to think of you as a company that needs to cheat to look more popular on a social networking site?

Buying Facebook fans can be a good way to get your profile started, but you should not obsess too much over the number of fans and followers that you have. Focus your marketing budget on building a community that people will want to be a member of. Once your community gains critical mass, you will never need to buy fans or followers again. For More Information Click This Link: Buy Facebook Fans And Likes

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