From Your YouTube Playlist to Your Phone Audio Player Playlist

With the advent of YouTube, and online video sharing in general, people have become voracious consumers of video content. Music videos, tutorials, movies (short clips and even full-length ones at times!) name what you want to watch, and there’s a good chance that YouTube has them! For some viewers though, they’d want to bring their YouTube favourites offline, and listen to them on their personal audio players. In lay terms, ‘download YouTube video’ has been the popular search.

YouTube and the FLV File Format

It would probably pay to know a few, but very handy technical details on getting YouTube videos on your PC, mp3 player, or mobile audio player. Consequently, why flv2mp3 should be your music loving buddy.

The videos on YouTube are on FLV (.flv) file format or Flash Video. This particular format is used because it allows videos to load more conveniently on the platform. With such, it has become quite popular, leading to its use on other sites such as Yahoo, and online news portals such as Reuters.

MP3, on the other hand, is perhaps the most popular and common format for music or audio files. This file type is playable on PCs, mp3 players, and audio players of phones in the iOS, Android, and even other operating systems. So, if you want to get the songs on your YouTube playlist to your gadget audio player’s playlist.

Using flv2mp3

Do you…

  • Fancy a song from ages ago, of another artist’s rendition, on live version which you can’t find outside YouTube?
  • Listen to tutorials in audio format only as you cook and bake or review for exams?
  • Want to get your current Last Song Syndrome (LSS) fixonline, as well as offline?

If you answered "Yes" to any or all questions, then you’re really one of those who would add flv2mp3 to your list of favourite things.

What’s more, it is quite convenient and definitely free of charge. In just a few minutes, you can have your favourite song on YouTube on your device. Here’s how:

  • Copy the link of the song you wish to convert.
  • Go to site and paste the link. Click "Convert to MP3".


When you go to the site, you’ll land on the very page where YouTube conversion starts.

  • YouTube conversion to MP3 may take a few seconds or minutes. The length of conversion time is dependent on the file size.
  • Once the video has been converted to an audio file, click "Download", and the mp3 file will be saved on your computer.

A Few More Pluses

This YouTube converter,, boasts of enabling the "easiest YouTube to mp3 conversion" online. As tried by me and some friends, there’s actually truth to this claim. Unlike other YouTube video to mp3 converter, it does not require for a lot of details such as e-mail address. Neither do you have to go through the hassle of downloading a program on your computer (such programs usually take more time to convert files). You have to paste the link on the space provided, do a few clicks, and voila! You have an additional song on your playlist.

The article is written and share by Intkhab Ahsan.

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