Just how healthy are e-cigarettes in the UK?

As a new revolutionary product on the UK market, ECigs in the UK have created a new talking point between not only consumers but also the government. The biggest difference between old school smoking and the new style ‘vaping’ is the replacement of tobacco with eliquid.

This eliquid is offered in many varieties containing nicotine, propylene glycol and flavourings so diverse there are probably mixed flavours out there you didn’t even know existed!

There is no denying that this new form of vaping has already had a great impact on UK smokers, if not for a complete replacement of their tobacco smoking, at least to curtail the amount of tobacco laden cigarettes they previously smoked.

The question now stands – Are e cigarettes healthy and are there e cigarette side effects?

E cigarettes are not healthy

Many critics argue that there is insufficient evidence to prove that e cigarettes are healthy or don’t have long term side effects. They argue that the ECig is a vessel that still provides an addictive drug, nicotine. Although nicotine is not proven to be carcinogenic is relatively harmless and can be an enjoyable ingredient for many, it is addictive.

The addiction to nicotine leads many critics onto the fact that although it may seem harmless the chemicals in eliquids themselves are not regulated. The combination of a mix of nicotine and other chemicals has the potential for harm over the long-term.

Secondly, it has yet be proven that Ecigs are any more effective than nicotine patches or other replacement therapies to help people quite tobacco smoking.

It should also be noted that nicotine is not a completely safe ingredient on its own either. It has side effects such as the tendency to raise blood pressure, heart rate and mouth and throat irritation.

E cigarettes are a healthier alternative

Proponents of ECigs argue that vaping is a healthier alternative to tobacco smoking.
A 12-month study of 300 Italian smokers, with no intention to quit tobacco smoking, were given e cigarettes of varying strengths. After 12 months of continual use 11% had given up tobacco smoking. This may not sound a lot, but it is in line with statistics on other nicotine-replacement therapies.

The study had its own side effect though that wasn’t hypothesised. The amount of tobacco cigarettes smoked by those who didn’t completely quit fell by over 50%. Pro-vapers have good evidence that Ecigs are a healthier alternative to traditional smoking if it helps people wean off them by such a considerable amount.

Another benefit as why e cigarettes may be healthier include the fact that the person who vapes can choose the amount of nicotine they want to use with every eliquid cartridge. This can range from 0mg/mL up to 36mg/ml nicotine. At the low end it can be argued to help smokers quit who have a defined oral fixation whilst on the high end it can help die-hard smokers to quit who have a desire to consume strong nicotine.

So there we have it, the jury is still out about the question “Are e cigarettes healthy?” but what we do know is that the e cigarette industry is gaining traction and popularity with all sorts of people. We can probably expect further studies in future that will pose more answers on these contentious questions.

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