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CodeCanyon – Amazing Android Apps Set 1

Today I was visiting and I selected some apps which are low cost with amazing features. I hope you will must like this selection.

Kids Color Book Pro

Kidscolorbook helps to make colorful images.This application provides to list of categories and images Also, kids play a small type of game in fill color to different images.You can share and save your creative images in social media.

Kids Coloring Book for Android

Coloring Book is an android app allows you to coloring images by tab to fill with color in it, with ability to share the colored image via social media, also you can save the colored image to your device gallery.

Item/Glow Paint

Glow Paint is an application simulating glow painting on the touch screen of your mobile phone. You can also save your created image as a file or share image with your friends. With Glow Paint you can draw nice painting or add glows to your images or photos from phone gallery. Enjoy!

Glow Paint Main Features: -ColorPicker -Image Gallery -Undo-Redo Option -Saving Created Image as a File -Share with Friends -Draw on Images or photos selected from phone gallery -AdMob Integrate -Android Code -Well Document

Creative Photo Poster Android Application

Creative Poster Funia Effect is wonderful photo effect app. This makes your photo more creative. Creative poster funia have big collection of creative frames to make your photo memorable.

Gallery Module with Admob Analytics

This Android Gallery module is created to save time for integration of gallery feature of your application. All you have to do is to start Android activity and pass some data. In the ZIP file that you purchase you have a sample application, with all data and instructions provided.

Wordpress Gallery Module for Android

This app was made in purpose that if you have your WordPress site, you can have the Android app too. This app is gallery with all original size images from WordPress site. As you know, WordPress automatically resize images, but this app are filtering those images and show only original ones. Also, if you have broken image, it will be hidden.

This app is not meant to be used only with WordPress and it can be used with any other folder structure on your server. It is written in documentation how to manage folders and images on your server.

Paperpro Rich Android Wallpaper App Template

Modulio is just like PaperPro, just more powerful, better & completely redesigned. Check out Modulio now to create an amazing Wallpaper app & more!.

Top Quotes Android Template Admob

Top Quotes app is designed for motivating people to more success life, to make people’s life more happier, delightful and cheerful.

Caption on Pic

Caption On Pic- A beautiful way to express your feeling with our Awesome Text effects app on your images. Don’t type boring text on image any more, use our this app to create stunning font effects. Make your image even more appealing by adding Stickers, Caption and Frame to your image.

Photo Sticker with Admob

Take a photo within Photo Sticker camera or choose an existing photo from gallery then add the text or stickers that will add more fun and life to your photos and add caption on pictures !

Features: Admob + Interstitial Ads Supported. Easy to Re skin. Fun stickers. Add stickers and text ,rotate ,resize. Add your own stickers easily. 26 emotional and unique beautiful stickers. Share photos . Generate revenue instantly $$$ Step By Step Documentation. Eclipse project.

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Best of Android Apps So Far: What can you get without spending a buck?

Free one of the most powerful words that would sway you towards an application that you’re remotely interested in, or have no use for whatsoever. The mobile app market, whether it’s Google Play store or Apple’s App Store, is just like the real-world marketplace: if it’s cheap and decent, it will be bought. If it’s free, no matter what it is, it will be downloaded. But not all that’s free is worth your time, so even when you’re shopping with no money, you should also be mindful of what you download, and make sure that you’ll benefit from it afterwards. So here’s a list of the best free applications that you can find in the Google Play store today. Download it, give it a spin, and decide if it’s worth keeping for a day or for a lifetime.

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Five Great Android Apps for Movie Lovers

Your friends say you are a cross between a cineaste (movie lover) and a cinephile (passionately interested in cinema). You’ve been treating popcorn and soda as your best friends, and you have a very intimate relationship with your couch. You’ve even shot your own short film with your buddies in the Film Society, and filled your smartphone with tons of movies.

They say there is always an app for everything, but for Android users, which ones would specifically suit movie junkies like you? Here are some apps worth checking out:

IMDb: Must-Have

Sometimes, you just ask yourself questions like, “Wait, who was that guy from Titanic that I’m seeing now in this movie called Inception?” or, “What’s this new movie all about?” This always happens to me, and I’ve developed the habit of looking up celebrities, movie synopses, and trailers on IMDb to see if I’ll really get interested in watching these movies that people are recommending. The IMDb mobile app has all the basic info you need to know about a movie. Plus, you can also buy movies from Amazon with it. You’ll see show times and play dates in your local theaters as well.


When you want to go back in time and see free old movies and you’re patient enough to watch them with advertisements, then go download Crackle. It offers a library of a few hundred movies (I’ve warned you, they are older titles) and if you browse long enough, you can dig for some gems out of it. There are also some TV shows that you can stream and watch using the service.


Netflix still offers the best service when it comes to streaming movies and shows; but if you want to really enjoy it, it’s definitely not going to be free. The available mobile app for Android allows you to view all the TV shows and movies that you want, but an obvious downside is the limited streaming library which is not as extensive as the DVD library. Video quality is excellent, however, and $7.99 can be considered cheap, if you can view heaps of content on your smartphone.


If you are not really concerned about below par video quality and you love HBO shows, this app will do you good. HBO Go lets you watch all the movies, documentaries, and shows that you want; the best part is, mobile streaming comes free if you are already subscribed to HBO’s premium service with your existing cable subscription. You can check out featured content or browse titles based on your preferred genre. The app’s watchlist keeps you on track of the shows and movies you want to watch later (it functions almost the same as a bookmark).

VLC Direct Pro Free

The popular VLC media player for PCs has always been a lifesaver, and it’s only gotten better with the Android version in the offing. Like the desktop version, VLC Direct Pro has some tricks up its sleeve as well, including the capability to stream movies, photos, and music from your Android device to your computer, and the option to control the running VLC software on your computer using your phone or tablet. Additionally, you can launch it on your device simultaneous with other Android apps – without ever having to stop other running apps like RingCentral or Evernote.

VLC Direct Pro supports files with avi, flv, mp4, mp3, mkv, wmv, jpg, mpeg, mpg, rmvb, m4v, mov, 3gp, ts and vob formats on your Android device. Now you can rack up your extensive video library and watch videos anywhere.


Android Apps Making the Latency Much Easier

Android was released in 2008 and was specifically designed for mobile devices. With its release, now it has become the second most widely used OS for tablets and smart phones. The scores for android apps in the market are quite popular and these can be downloaded free of cost. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the android apps available for Android users on their mobile devices.

With more than 500,000 Android apps, it is influencing the market and people are holding the queue for taking the benefit of absolutely free apps. The rate of Android apps is much more than higher than app development rate for any other operating system for mobile devices.