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5 Tips To Help You Create SEO Friendly URLs

Creating a website that is fully search engine optimized is a goal that we all have in common. The better our sites are optimized, the more traffic we get. One thing a lot of us don’t realize is how important it is to optimize our URLs to increase the overall optimization of the site. So

Top Apps for Today's SEO Professionals

When Google launched the Panda and Penguin updates, they affected nearly 18 percent of search results combined, leading some SEO experts to question whether search engine optimization was going to turn into a fading relic of the good old days of yesteryear. Rather than fading away, however, SEO became much more diversified. Terms like "reputation

Importance of SEO Firm in Competitor Analysis for SEO

Nowadays, many firms are out looking for SEO Firm to do competitor analysis for SEO usage. Whenever you, as a company, have a picture of the competition you are facing and their activities it is a good measure of where you are currently positioned and also it is important when it comes to tracking in

Bad SEO Techniques

There are a number of SEO techniques that have been used over the years that you need to avoid completely. Amazingly, people continue to recommend several of these techniques. In many cases, there is no faster way to get a Google penalty. In the past one thing that worked amazingly well was keyword stuffing. In

Local SEO campaigns for small businesses

The regional and local businesses are relying mostly on SEO. In fact, SEO has become an essential part of regional businesses and the professionals are trying pretty hard to contend market today. SEO follows numerous strategies to undergo business campaigns. Many companies have been running SEO campaigns from years and thus they have enormous advertisement set

SEO: How to getting to page 1 on Google

Creating a website is not sufficient to reach the top page on a Google Search Engine. You may need to market your site to make it reach millions of users who surf on the net on regular basis. It is also important to rank your site among the first two pages of the search engine,

SEO: Off page optimization tips for beginners

Off page optimization of the website is required for placing the website at the top positions of several search engines’ result. Bloggers and website owner’s effort hard to find a place in the first pages of search engine results to attract regular traffic to their blogs.