Before starting the process of writing, students, as well as professionals who want to attain success in the domain of writing, are needed to concentrate on some of the most common words which they usually apply in their writing. In reality, these words should be replaced in order to provide freshness and innovation to your writing stuff and as a result, these writing pieces become more powerful and influential.

In addition, writers should try to improve their vocabulary to a certain level so that they could use highly informative and eventful words in their writing. By doing so, there is the likelihood that they could attain the best possible results in the form of their long term and sustainable success in the area of writing.
Therefore, for the sake of providing more knowledge and awareness to young and professional writers, these 5 words should be effectively replaced by more appropriate words. These 6 common words are explained as follows:

1. Good

This is one of the most common words that has been used by different sorts of writers in their writing for so many years. Therefore, being an excellent writer you should use another word for the sake of improving the impacts and consequences of your essays in the desired way. At times when you are required to express something extraordinary or amazing thing in your article or essay then you are allowed to use different kinds of words such as exceptional and marvelous as well.

2. Old

The word itself suggests that “Old” word does not fit in the context of contemporary writing anymore. Therefore, this word should be replaced by some more meaningful and influential words such as ancient and decaying because this world does emphasize on this aspect that people are needed to explore more innovative and modern concepts in a detailed manner.

3. Right

When it comes to replacing the other common words such as right then this word should be properly substituted for the other words. These influential words could be perceived in the form of exact and precise as well because the word “right” does not reflect effectively in the scenario of writing domain. At the same time, it decreases the value of your content as a writer.
In addition, writers should enhance their awareness or knowledge extent to the next level so that they could attain desired objectives in the area of writing. In this concern, they are recommended to take benefits from an online medium such as essay writing online in which there are different ways provided by which writers can easily replace common words in their writing.

4. Small

This is another word that sometimes sounds quite awkward and negative because it does give the very informal impression to the readers at the time. In general, this word should not be applied by any writer as it influences the context and scenario of the essay in a negative mode or style. This word could be easily substituted or paraphrased with the help of tiny, microscopic, compact and miniature as well.

5. Next

This word needs to be removed from the dictionary of writers as it also sounds very vague and informal at times.  There are some powerful words, which should be taken into consideration by the writers as these words can develop the outlook or impression of the content to the next level. These words could be observed in the form of following, closer and upcoming too. Therefore, writers are advised that they should experiment the services of an online medium such as essay writing online for the purpose of enhancing their careers in the area of professional writing.

Final Thoughts

The process of writing needs to be improved according to the requirements and certain needs of modern writing scenario. Therefore, in this concern writers as well as professionals should know the current and contemporary trends of writing for the purpose of increasing the effectiveness of their writing pieces to a certain extent.
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Kiara Houston is a major in Sociology and Literature Studies. She has recently completed her studies and is pursuing a career in journal writing and also takes part in volunteer work at various organizations. In a mean time she also maintains her blog in the name of Essay Writing Online.