Building The Foundation Of A Muslim Wardrobe: Basic Garments Every Muslim Woman Needs

Every wardrobe and every culture has staples that women need for the variety of events and gatherings that they are expected to attend. In the West this includes things like a little black dress, dress slacks, casual wear and a host of other clothing items. For the Muslim woman there are also clothing staples that must be a part of their wardrobe. Muslim women who wish to start building their wardrobe should begin with these pieces so that they have the garments they need for every occasion.


The most important piece of clothing in any Muslim woman’s wardrobe is the hijab.  Because a hijab of some kind must be worn any time the woman is in public, Muslim women will need a variety of hijabs to choose from. There are many different styles and fabrics to choose from, so finding hijabs that meet the woman’s needs and looks the way that she wants it to look is not very difficult.  Hijabs can be mixed and matched with other items of clothing, so this is a huge staple in the wardrobe.  Women should be sure to have some for everyday use, as well as one or two that can be worn for more formal occasions.

Maxi Dress

For formal events the Muslim woman will want a dress that looks classy, but still conforms to the fashion restrictions of Islam. Unfortunately there are not many options in most Western retailers that fit this description, but most Muslim clothing retailers will carry a selection of maxi dresses.  These dresses have long sleeves, coverage of the breast area and extend all the way to the ankle so that the woman has coverage of the whole body. Some maxi dresses will have an attached hijab that is matched perfectly to coordinate with the dress itself.  Other dresses will not have a hijab attached, but the dress was designed with a hijab in mind.  Maxi dresses are usually worn for the most formal events, and every Muslim woman should have at least one or two in her wardrobe for special events.

Casual Wear

Everyone needs casual wear at some point in their day-to-day lives, and Muslim women are no different.  Where Muslim women have a problem is that most casual wear for Western women is either cut very low on the hips, is designed to show the mid-riff or is so form fitting that it is no longer considered modest.  Muslim women do have casual wear choices available, and Muslim clothing designers are beginning to see the importance of having casual wear options for their customers.  Long sleeved t-shirts are the ,most popular choice for Muslim women who need casual wear, and as long as the shirt is not too short, there is no reason that the woman cannot find the shirt that she needs at a traditional retailer.  Some Muslim women believe that wearing pants is ok, and as long as the pants are not hip huggers that show the mid-riff or the hips, the pants should conform to the standards of modesty.

Every woman has staple pieces in her wardrobe that can meet the needs of whatever event or gathering a woman is asked to go to.  With the proper pieces a Muslim woman can have all of the items that she needs, and still maintain her religious convictions.

I am Nasha Ravi and I wrote this as a guide for women who wish to build a wardrobe of Muslim clothing that follow the rules of modesty in Islam. I highly recommend shopping at a Muslim retailer to find the garments that a Muslim woman needs for any occasion.

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