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Previous Flagship Phones are the Best Midrange Phones

There are already countless articles about the best flagship phones in the market including the Samsung Galaxy S4, Sony Xperia Z, and HTC One, but let us face it; not all of us can afford those phones. Not that we don’t have the money, but we just think that a good midrange phone will suffice

The Galaxy Tab 3: Android’s Frontliner

The day that every Android enthusiast has been waiting has finally comes. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab’s 3rd generation was released on July 7th and it’s set to take the world by storm with no less than three different size offerings. At 7, 8 and 10.1 inches, no stone has been left unturned with what has now

Top Five Multi Messengers for Android Phones

Multi-messengers are used by many Android phone users around the world in order to communicate with friends and family over the internet. It can also be used to connect with colleagues at work. Getting different messengers and logging into each one of them is very time consuming and not even feasible. This is the reason

ZTE’s Grand Memo is the grand mama of mobile phones

Pop quiz: If an oversized phone is called a phablet, what do you call an oversized phablet? Uh, what? Yep, that’s exactly how you’ll react when you see ZTE’s flagship smartphone, the Grand Memo. Unveiled early during this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ZTE’s new device could definitely be the grand mama of smartphones,

Five Great Android Apps for Movie Lovers

Your friends say you are a cross between a cineaste (movie lover) and a cinephile (passionately interested in cinema). You’ve been treating popcorn and soda as your best friends, and you have a very intimate relationship with your couch. You’ve even shot your own short film with your buddies in the Film Society, and filled

Samsung Gains Position as "Fifth Horseman" of Tech

According to those who are in-the-know in the electronics and software world, there are Four Horsemen of Tech – just like in the apocalypse. These four are seen to be the heralds of new and landscape-changing technologies, the yardsticks by which other brands and manufacturers are measured. They would be very familiar to anyone who

Android Apps Making the Latency Much Easier

Android was released in 2008 and was specifically designed for mobile devices. With its release, now it has become the second most widely used OS for tablets and smart phones. The scores for android apps in the market are quite popular and these can be downloaded free of cost. In this article, we are going