How To Archive

Declutter Your Digital Life in 5 Simple Steps

Gone are the times when having multiple digital accounts and gadgets are only for tech geeks. Today, just about everyone manages different online accounts in various mobile devices. While this indicates a forward-thinking culture, it unfortunately puts people’s machines and data at risk, as cyber-criminals tend to use exploiting digital clutter as a primary tactic.

14 Battery Saving Tips Every iPhone 5 User Should Know

The iPhone 5 is supposedly a great phone. Unfortunately, quite a few users have been complaining about its atrocious battery life. If you’re finding your iPhone bordering on useless when it comes to basic functions like Internet surfing or VoIP service, here’s a little list of standby tips to get more power out of it.

How to Use Tar

Tar files (short for tape archive files) are created by using the tar command of the Linux operating system. This will convert a number of specific files into an archive. Once an archive is created using tar, the individual files are contained within it, as well as the necessary information to restore the files to

How to Use Telnet

Telnet allows users to remotely access other computers that are connected to a network. Once installed, a Telnet lets the user execute commands on the other computer being accessed via the internet. It is a quick and easy way of making changes to a computer without having to actually be present in front of the

How to Make Smiley Faces

Smiley faces are emoticons that are usually used to express emotions in text communications whether you are on the computer using chat rooms or having one-on-one chat sessions on facebook or messenger, or you are sending text messages. Because the person who you are communicating with does not see you face-to face, he or she