Creating a website with HTML tags, use of CSS or Java Script language demands utmost care and proper experience. However by studying following material you can definitely pick up some unique tips that will boost up your revenue and increase visibility for your site. But one can say it must possess the following

  • It should bring the visitors from all over the world naturally
  • The design and layout must be good
  • Great and interesting content
  • The pictures must be relevant to content
  • Search engines must declare the site friendly
  • Road map of the site must be clear and it should define every category in a sequence
  • No broken link should be on any page
  • The proper backlinking is a must
  • Presence of site over social networks is compulsory

Title Tag and Search engines:

Each title page must be separate from other page. This is of great importance whenever we ask,

how to create a website?

If the words of key words that a person types in search engines match with the title tag of your home page and meta description too as well then you can have better position in search results.

Header tags:

You should use proper header tags for every page of the site. These things are discusses in on-page optimization. They improve the chances of visibility in the whole world.

Image tags:

Image tags must be given proper name so that search engines can also understand for what purpose you have included them into your site.

Tutorial for creating a website:

Nowadays, you will see a lot of web editors that will guide regarding how do you create a website? No matter if you are not a web master. Dreamweaver is also one of them. You will experience cool features on it. While choosing your web host always check the uptime and loading speed etc. search engines and people always keep an eye over them. Even when your page views are increased in thousands of clicks per day then you may face some problem. So, look, ask and get it. This is the correct principle whenever you want to get a web hosting

Appropriate color:

Choose the eye catching but a relevant color for the website. If you have spent thousands of dollars on developing the products but the color of your site is much dark pink or bold pinks or sometimes you see flashy neon hues then you can imagine what kind of impact it will have over the minds of your readers?

A decent, simple and nice looking layout with appropriate color always helps you a lot. If you don’t know what would be technical good for website then ask or get ideas from your web developer he or she will give you overview and then you can finalize one color easily.

Proper font over every page of site:

Readability is an art on the internet. It makes a sense and guides your eyes. You should not try to give new styles of writings to the readers of your website. Have clear picture about navigation of the site. Another question is, from where a person is getting particular information on the website? What is the link of a picture to the topic and how much time does a picture take to open? All these factors improve the speed and customers love to remain with such sites.

Author Bio:
The article is contributed by Gloria Philips. She is content writer and guest blogger. She loves to share the secrets and tips about how to create a website for your business in simple steps.

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