Maps are timeless and they help humans in every walk of life. There are several types of maps but the illustrated maps are something that not only look attractive but are easier to understand too. What is so special about these maps? For starters, they depict the pattern of the road, which is a very important aspect of the map. If a person loses his way, he can refer to these maps and get an idea as to where exactly he is. This can immensely reduce the anxiety and fear; not to mention gets the person back on track. These maps are also filled with chief locations and famous institutions. The thing that separates these maps from other maps is the fact these locations on the maps are designed in an artistic manner. Besides looking visually appealing, it also enables a person to find his way much quicker.

Most of the individuals favour these maps as they help you to reach a particular location faster. It also helps to understand the site very easily. The main intention or idea behind creating these maps is to represent the face of the earth. This could include several structures. It could include the huge continents that sit like a ghost on the face of the earth or it could include something very small like a college campus or the interior of a building. The possibilities are endless. Anything that forms part of the earth can be illustrated on the maps and that is its greatest advantage.

A layman cannot undertake such an intricate task which gives attention to even the minutest details. It has to be done by a professional who has immense knowledge of a particular region and how to depict it in a way that looks creative and pictorial. These maps are known to portray a region just the way they appear in reality when viewed from the top and at an oblique angle. Needless to say, the biggest advantage that a person could get from this feature is the fact that no place will feel ambiguous as they will have an illustrated map to refer to. However, the scaling factor has to be overlooked when making this type of maps. If the scale is taken into account, the map will be unending which is not possible. Therefore, when it comes to illustrated maps, the scale is not given consideration and is usually ignored.

Usually, illustrative maps are drawn on a sketching table using pen, paint and paper. This is usually needed to create a rough sketch. There are debates that occur before finally deciding on a particular look. When it finally gets the approval, the rough sketch is then transformed into a realistic looking map using electronic painting techniques and water colours. This is the rough copy of the actual image which can be altered as per the client’s needs. Doing this is not a daunting task because these maps are created in layers and groups. These maps seem more human in comparison to the other types of maps that use accurate scales and measurements to illustrate an area. People find it easier to relate to illustrative maps. The basic yet the most important advantage of these maps is that it enables a person to find their way effectively. It has a double advantage. It has got an immense aesthetic appeal and at the same time aids in finding the way swiftly.

There are various professionals who give exceptional services when it comes to these illustrative maps and they make it look exactly the original place. You’ll be stunned with the uncanny resemblance.

Author’s bio:
Ian is a professional artist and has several illustrated maps to his credit. A graduate in fine arts, he loves to draw portraits and landscapes along with maps and has a natural flair for it.