How have the social media trends emerged ostensibly in 2013?

Social media trend changes every year and in 2013 we are going to see some very interesting and some surprising new trends. When we think of social media the first few names that come to mind are like Facebook, twitter etc. and they will continue to rule the social media in 2013 as well. But the users have found new ways to use social media and new trends are emerging.

Usage of multiple gadgets has become trendy

The Smartphone has transformed into new tablets for the users. With the rapid development in technology, a number of stylish, cheap as well as good quality Smartphones is available in the market. This is a very interesting trend, that users are not only using their desktop, laptop, but also their smart phones for using social media.

Videos have emerged as latest marketing tools

Pictures and words were the main tool for marketing any product few years back and the consumers too were very comfortable with it as it didn’t consume time. Earlier too  videos were used for marketing but recently social media users have given their time to advertisements shown on YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion etc. and hence advertising through video is a rage seen in 2013.

Twitter and Facebook have gained a gamut of ground in the domain of social media

Facebook is the most used websites according to most people but not anymore .Most of the Facebook users are losing interest in Facebook and 2013 seems to be the year of twitter. Even people using Facebook for more than 5 years are now opting for twitter for sharing data and ideas. Google plus was the looking promising when it was launched in 2011 and showed some promising development in  2012 but the year 2013 does not look so good for google plus because more and more people are shifting to Twitter and Facebook.

Images are very powerful tools of the social media

This statement is very true in today’s world. There are websites like pintrest and instagram which are used voraciously by social media user’s every day to express them and make their post more interesting. It is a trend among people to use pictures to express anger against a corporation, government or even support a cause.

India and Indonesia, countries with highest user rate

Both India and Indonesia have seen a huge marginal growth in its social media users and expected to grow at nearly 50 percent more this year. According to leading social media research organization these two countries have shown a phenomenal growth rate in 2012 and expected to grow more this year.

The huge number of blogs and forums will be formed in 2013

It may be surprising to see blogs and forums as a rising trend because blogs are used as an important tool for promoting products or educating people about any specific subject even just for sharing information and entertainments for many years. But due to rise in number of internet users and more and more people taking interest in social media and sharing of ideas it is expected that there will be a noted increase in the number of blogs and forum in social networking websites.

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