The Central Asian nation of Afghanistan has seen more than its share of violence, war, and upheaval in the past four decades. Between the Soviet and American invasions, and the terrible tyranny of the Taliban, the beleaguered country has absorbed far more damage than many countries have suffered in centuries. However, the spirit of the Afghan people is famously resilient, and over the course of the past decade, much has been done to alleviate the poverty and distress that has been a crying injustice for far too long.

The Spirit Of Entrepreneurship Has Come To Afghanistan

Indeed, the spirit of free enterprise and entrepreneurship has finally begun to rear its head in Afghanistan, becoming the herald of long promised peace, progress, and prosperity. For Ehsan Bayat afghan wireless has been the vehicle with which he has risen to prominence. Other progressive minded entrepreneurs have followed his lead and instituted projects of their own that are specially designed to help improve the lives of millions of their fellow citizens.

Why Is Wireless Service Such A Significant Factor In Recovery?

Some people may be reading this article and wondering to themselves just why the installation of a wireless system might prove to be such a significant factor in the recovery of a war torn nation. The answer is as clear as it is simple: Improving the communications network of a poor and ravaged country is one of the vital first steps in restoring both the confidence and the communal feeling of its citizens. Once this vital goal is accomplished, the foundations are laid for society to get back up to speed.

Restoring Contact Means Restoring Hope

By restoring communications between all sectors of the country, a number of extremely important objectives can be achieved. To begin with, putting all of the residents of the country in touch with each other improves morale. Family members, spouses, and friends who have lost touch with each other during the years of distress and upheaval can begin to reconnect with each other and put their lives back together. This is the first step in recreating the vital feeling of community and connectivity that is the hallmark of a truly cohesive and unified nation state.

Laying The Foundations For The Restoration Of Free Enterprise

Once the feeling of community has been reestablished in a nation, the spirit of democracy and free enterprise can begin to manifest itself. This lays the ground for the preliminary stage of getting businesses started in the country. The formation of the new infrastructure of the country depends greatly on entrepreneurship to fill in the gaps left by loopholes in foreign aid agreements. As such, creating the network that is necessary to engage in communication with progressive minded citizens all over the country is the first stage in the projected economic recovery of Afghanistan.

The Future Of Communications In Afghanistan

Creating the country’s first completely independent wireless network is a remarkable and admirable feat, but it represents only the first step in the long recovery of the ailing nation. These progressive minded pioneers, especially those who are native sons and daughters of Afghanistan, are the ones who should be hailed as heroes for the invaluable service they have done for their country in its time of greatest need.