By incorporating direct mail solutions into your everyday small- or medium-sized business operations, you can grab the attention of more customers, which can lead to more sales for your product, idea, or service. If you’re looking for an easy but powerful way to reach your target audience, a direct mail campaign is an ideal way to do it.

With more than 17 billion advertising mailers going out each year by the United States Postal Service, it’s no wonder this medium hits a lot of potential customers you would never be able to reach through word of mouth and other methods. With direct mail marketing, you can send mailers just to a specific group of people or businesses that you know would benefit from what you have to offer. Perhaps they meet the demographics requirements of your product or services, such as a certain age group. Maybe the group you want to target has a need for your product or service based on medical, dietary, fitness, or financial need that you can provide. Whatever the case, targeting one group as opposed to randomly sending out mailers to everyone in a particular area saves you money and time. It also increases your return on investment possibilities vs. mass advertising.

You can further break this down by addressing your direct mail marketing to your customers on a first and last name basis. This makes them feel special, as if you are speaking directly to them. Research shows that people are more likely to respond to ads if you make it personal and use their name as well as address their specific need. All this takes is a little research on your part. It will pay off for you in the long run.

When choosing which kind of direct mail campaign you will use, from postcards and brochures to flyers and cards, consider how you want to convey your message and what the best way to go about doing that is. You may also want to consider incorporating a coupon, to further entice your potential customers to try your product or service. This will get them in the door, so that they can really see what you have to offer and how it can benefit them.

Perhaps the best thing about direct mail solutions is that you can measure the results. How effective are they? Is your campaign hitting your intended target? Are you seeing customers based on the mailing schedule of your ads? It’s crucial to get feedback from your customers to inquire how they found out about you and what made them choose you. Most customers won’t have a problem answering a simple question like that and it will vastly improve your direct mail operations. You can keep track of phone calls and redeemed coupons to research who is coming in, why and when. You can then better assess what works for your target audience, and adjust your approach accordingly.

Personal one-on-one contact is the hallmark of direct mail. Small promotions through ads are easy to print up and this process doesn’t cost a lot, especially if you get more customers out of the deal. You will more than make up for the printing costs with boosted revenue later. You can test out prices, offers and audiences fairly quickly with direct mail, by having control over who gets what and when. These mailings are typically fast to get out to your targeted audience and the response time by customers is usually pretty fast as well. You have the potential to see results just a day or two after mailing out your ads, brochures or flyers. Test out small lists first, and if successful, move on to larger lists that encompass a bigger demographic.

Direct mail is an ideal way to reach your intended audience without the distraction of other competitors, plus your competitors won’t know what you’re up to and the strategy you’re currently using. Bu incorporating an easy response opportunity, such as a stamped return card they can fill out for more information, you make it easy for them to participate.

Pump up awareness of your small- or medium-sized company with direct mail advertising. This simple and effective way of pulling in customers can mean the difference between a successful business and a so-so one. You may have an amazing product or service, but if you can’t get people in the doors to try it out, you’re not going to flourish. Keep costs down while boosting company awareness through direct mail solutions that work for you.