Security Technology

Keeper Security – Best Personal and Business Password Manager

Keeper is the most secure password supervisor for Android! Protect your passwords and non-public statistics with Keeper as the central impervious password manager and digital vault. Keeper presents unlimited password storage for anyone – generate, store, and autoFill strong passwords on all your gadgets while securely storing non-public archives in …

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Coming New Advances in Security Technology

Security and technology have become joined together since the time of the first published accounts of the use of fingerprints as a method of identifying people back in the 1800’s. Advances in the technology driving personal and enterprise-level security systems are making the world safer, but these technologies are constantly …

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The increasing need for security technology in 2012

Since the attack on 9/11 new and different technologies have been developed to address new security threats. Some have worked well, others have not. Some have been used with little or no recognition at all, while others have been controversial since they were first used. Security technology will continue to …

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