Well, it is easy to create a blog. But, making it successful is another story. While blogging, you need to consider which theme to choose as it makes your blog consistent. Then, you should be regular in posting on your blog. Only after following these things, you should try gathering more and more followers or members to your blog. However, there are several ways to promote your blog. One best way is to promote it over Google communities. Like this, you can very well promote your blog. Below are given some of the best ways to promote your blog using Google communities. Read on to know what they are.

Produce high quality content

When it comes to promoting your blog over Google communities, content plays a prominent role. You will not be able to benefit from Google Community without creating a cornerstone content. Here, your readers might be able to get some useful information from this. You know that nothing can beat good quality and true content. Hence, you must take care while creating the content. Before you publish it, see to it that you check it thoroughly and add something if you are not satisfied. And, you also need to maintain that crisp tone over various posts. By doing so, you can create an emotional connection with your members and this will surely stay for long.

Be alert and interact with your niche

You might have noticed that a majority of readers will just ignore the posts when the blogger does not reply to their comments. Even though the blogger might have forgotten to reply, it will be a drawback of your promoting. So, the best thing to do is, when you come across Google communities, just see to it that you remain active and alert and respond to the comments of your bloggers while you follow groups of the same niche areas. The Google community is actually built to support the relationship between all the members found in the community. But, this platform behaves like a vessel where it would be easy for you declare your interests and follow different communities. Also, you can seize the opportunity of inviting others too to your group.

Making your profile interesting

Your profile is a prominent feature that promotes your blog. Your profile contains your name and your blog where you will be publishing your content. When your followers like your posts and find it interesting, they will be attracted to your profile and will be interested to collect more details about you. While doing this, most of them will click on your blog’s links and browse over other posts which they find useful and which will help them to enrich their knowledge. Therefore, you should create a good quality profile and should keep updating it on regular intervals.

Engage your readers with online contests

These days, there are several social media networks which permit you to organize many online contests by using coupons and freebies to increase the crowd of people. In the same way, even Google communities also help you organizing several such contests, and in a more attractive way too. In fact, it is really better than all other social media platforms. It is very simple. You just need to create a blog post and hold a reward for the contest. Then, you can share it over Google community. Also, don’t forget to provide all the details as to how and when you will be announcing the winners of the contest.

Utilize your contacts and leads

When you are confident that you have a good blog post which is very informative, send it to your contacts and leads. And, don’t forget to mention that you would appreciate it if they would comment. This would work out even for you Facebook group or any other fan page. Also, whenever you tweet your blog post, request people to retweet it.

Cross promotion

If you did not know, cross promotion is an excellent way to promote your blog. Here, you need to ask the owners of other blogs to share your bog on theirs and if they do so, you would do theirs. By this, you can attract many readers to your blog.

As we all know, with Google community, there has arisen a neck to neck competition between Google plus and Facebook. However, even all the other social networking sites are also good to promote your blog.

About The Author: Sarah is a writer/blogger. She loves writing, travelling and reading books. She contributes to Hydroxycut