Effective tips that will ensure a good response when fundraising to pay off medical bills

It goes without saying that paying for a medical bill can take up every ounce of energy within you. Even more so, with the tumultuous economy and the constantly rising prices, this can end up being a painstaking task and can take a toll on you. However, this does not mean that you cannot receive any kind of monetary help. Today, several creative options are available at your disposal to ensure that you effectively pay off your medical bills on time, fundraising being one of them. Fundraising often sounds like a fancy event where people come dressed in their best and eat the most delicious food and dance and sway to music with their partners. However, while this type of a fundraising does exist, you need not have to follow the same procedure. Online fundraising is also a very popular method of raising medical funds to pay off the medical bill. Since the internet is a global platform and with the availability of universal payment services like PayPal, global communication in terms of payments is definitely not a barrier. You can even sign up with for ease in communication. Given below are some essential online fundraising tips that will help you immensely.

  1. Give detailed information about the cause that you want support from:

    It goes without saying that you need to be extremely accurate with the details and give out as much information as you possibly can without being too informative as to drive the readers away. Today, with the number of scams on the rise, it may get difficult to get people to believe you if you are not accurate or provide the right information. As a rule of thumb, always make sure that you answer the 5 Wh- questions effectively, which include – “who, why, when, where and what”. The more details you provide systematically, the likeliness of getting a positive response increases tenfold.

  2. The amount that you decide on must be realistic:

    You may have incurred a humongous amount as medical expenses; however, you cannot simply burden your readers with that amount. Doing so will simply drive them away. Instead, breaking down the medical expenses will make things much easier for you. To make sure that you ask for just the right amount, you first need to mull over the bill and look carefully at each expense that has been incurred. This then needs to be broken down into smaller chunks and a much smaller amount should be asked. This will make sure that the readers are convinced and encouraged to make their contribution.

  3. Communicate with your donors:

    As donors of the fundraiser, people have the right to know the regular status of the person for whom the contribution was made in the first place. Therefore, it is your responsibility to provide them with regular updates. This will help your donors build a relationship with the cause and they are likely to feel more connected. You could upload progress reports, or even better, you could upload a receipt of the bill that was paid with the aid of the donors. Visual aid works best and using patient recovery photos can also work immensely.

  4. Social media is your best weapon:

    You may not realize it but social media today has gained an immense amount of momentum. Therefore, while you sign up with, you should also consider making groups on Facebook and inviting people to support your cause for an amount anywhere between $1 and $5. Word of mouth has a massive effect and before you realize it you are likely to have a considerable number of supporters with the right promotion.

Author’s bio:
Samuel Swan is a social activist and social worker working for several animal and childcare foundations. He has recently signed up with as part of his expansion program. He has a professional degree in law.

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