You should never withhold information from any doctor whom you entrust with your care. However, cardiologists in Imperial Valley say there are specific concerns that can prove to be fatal when they aren’t informed. It is very important that you tell your cardiologist information about these things mentioned below. It could save your life.

Vitamins or Supplements

Many people take vitamins and herbal remedies to help manage chronic illnesses or conditions. These general practitioners may not be aware. These can be a great idea for some people but not for patients taking medication for heart disease. A cardiologist in Imperial Valley warns that there are more than two dozen herbal supplements that can cause serious risks to people taking heart disease medications. Always tell your cardiologist if you take vitamins or supplements.

Skipped Medications

Sometimes a patient may skip medications. This is especially true for patients with blood pressure or cholesterol medication. Patients sometimes believe these drugs aren’t necessary if they alter their diet. This may be true in the long term, however the effects of diet change are not as immediate, and the patient may be prolonging the problem.

Another potential problem arises when your cardiologist reads blood pressure and checks your cholesterol levels and notices no change. A cardiologist in Imperial Valley says this may cause your cardiologist doctor to prescribe a higher dosage to you because they see no change. However, you may not need the higher dose. You wouldn’t know if you haven’t even been taking the lower dose.

Tell Your Best Cardiologist if You Have Had Tests from Other Doctors

If you’ve had a blood test, EKG, echocardiogram or angiogram, please tell your cardiologist. They cannot tell the seriousness of your condition unless they have all of the information. If you can, you should bring copies of your test results.

Increased Level of Stress At Home or On the Job

It is important that you tell your cardiologist about an increased level of stress at home or on the job. A cardiologist in Imperial Valley said that this is very important for your cardiologist to know about because stress can trigger high blood pressure. High blood pressure can cause a heart attack. If you are under more stress, you may have elevated blood pressure and should be monitored more vigilantly.

One cardiologist in Imperial Valley stated that you should never assume that your doctor knows everything about you. This is a poor assumption. They couldn’t possibly know if you are taking vitamins, skipping medications, dealing with stress or seeing another doctor unless you tell them. Don’t keep these things from your cardiologist. You could be risking your life if you do.

My name is Robin Mills and I have been dealing with heart disease for the past several years. I had no idea how important it was for me to share information about my stress level with my cardiologist until I was informed by They informed me of the importance of always being up front and honest with them on my care. After talking to them about my stress, I was given blood pressure medication and was monitored extensively. This continued until my stress level went down. I feel that the may have saved me from having a possible heart attack.

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