Taking Care of Eyelashes: An Insight Covered

To covet what others have is human nature. And physical appearance tops the list for many in this regard. Amongst that, the most looked after body part if the face. Great amount of money is spent by the people across the globe to get their faces do all the talking. No wonder the beauty industry holds such a great promise for the ones running the show. In this particular post, I have narrowed down to one such body organ that plays a crucial role in the overall facial looks of the person, specially the females – the eyelashes. I have tried to cover everything you would like to know in order to have long eyelashes.

Life of Lashes

Apart from the beauty aspect, lashes have an important role to play keeping the eyes healthy. They perform a protective function by helping in keeping the foreign particles out. The blink reflex mechanism of eyes whenever something is close to the eyes is because of lashes.

A lash has a life cycle of about 3 months and it takes around 2 months for it to grow back to its original length. Irrespective of our age,we have the same number of follicles since birthwhich doesn’t change and so do the number of lashes.

Reasons behind loss of lashes

Ageing and abuse are the 2 main reasons which lead to bad health of the lashes and they fail to grow as long and thick as were in our youth. The reasons for fall of lashes are similar to that of hair fall from our head. Some of the common causes could be –

  • Stress
  • Bad diet
  • Thyroid problem
  • Eyelid inflammation aka ‘blepharitis’
  • Chemotherapy
  • Rubbing/tugging of eyelids
  • Sleeping with mascara on lashes
  • Applying Water-proof mascara that can be drying
  • Long-worn mascara and the process of removing the same

One needs to know that lash roots are delicate and can break easily. Also, lash production will stop in case of damaged follicle. It can further result in thinner, fragile and shorter hair growth in future. The growth of lashes can’t be restored if the root’s injured.

How to protect your Eyelashes and enhance their growth?

1. Essential Tips to keep lashes in good shape

  • in case you have a healthy diet, start with focusing on the preservation of exiting lashes
  • substitute rubbing/pulling with the use of gentle remover and dab or pat at the lids
  • avoid tugging of lashes at all cost
  • ensure that you don’t pull the eyelids while using lash curler
  • clumps should be removed from mascara only when the latter is still wet so that it can be easily combed
  • Use of old mascara should be avoided(see the expiry date before applying it on lashes). Also, it is advisable to change it every 4 to 6 months. Else, the mascara gets contaminated by germs and can cause infection.
  • In case of a pink eye or any other eye illness, it’s better to sanitize your eye area

2. Using Eyelash Conditioners

As you use hair conditioners, lashes also need some conditioning. Applying a thin coating of Vaseline will do that for your lashes. Proper lash conditioners are also available. They basically contain proteins (like biotin, keratin) and moisturizers that help in retaining strength and moisture of the lashes. They can also stop lash-breakage making them look longer in few weeks.

3. Getting Eyelash Extensions

Eyelashes are artificially made longer by gluing tiny synthetic hair to individual lashes giving them a convincing look and working as an eyelash enhancer. But here’s catch – One, they can be costly. Two, doesn’t last beyond 2 months. Three, can damage the natural lashes if they fall out.

4. Use of Eyelash Drug ‘Latisse’

A prescription drug for lashes, Latisse can be a costly measure. It can easily get you short by $90 (or more) a month. It increases the length of lash’s growth cycle by mimicking the prostaglandis hormones.

But they have their side-effects as well. One can experience irritation and darkening of skin on eyelid. It helps in restoring the quality and type of lashes that already exists but will do no good if you didn’t have any since childhood.

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