Want to get a self-tanning done because there is no time to get a professional on board? You have to be ready for some hazards on the way! Self-tanning requires practice and proficiency. You will not be able to do things right the first time around unless you are really careful with the product, with the application and with the right process to get it done. However, if you can do it properly, it will give you a high that you will not forget! So before you start self-tanning, go through these top tips to avoid self-tanning mistakes:

  • The Right Tanner: Choosing the right tanner is the biggest trick of this trade. Skin color and texture has a lot of say in what kind of products work for your skin and what you need to avoid. That is why experts suggest that you get a professional to do it the first time around so that you get sound advice on what works on your skin. The next time on, stick to that advice when you are buying the tanner for yourself.
  • Do the Scrubbing: Scrub your skin properly before applying the tanner. An exfoliating scrub will help remove the dead cells on the upper layers of your skin. That will leave your skin even and clean. When you apply the tanner, the effect will be more pronounced and will not leave you with patches of extra tanner on some parts while the other areas look pale in comparison. An uneven tan is the worst effect that you can bring about!
  • The Right Gloves: You need a pair of latex gloves to apply the tan yourself. Make sure they are tight-fitting and disposable. Cheap but effective, using gloves to apply the tan is much better than using a tanning mitt. They have a better effect.
  • The Paintbrush: While self-tanning, you cannot reach the awkward areas on your back. Use a paintbrush to apply the tanning lotion on these areas. You can also use a tanning lotion strap or wand, if not the paintbrush. Make sure you have one of these products on standby during the tanning session.
  • Use Vaseline: You need to protect your eyebrows from the tanning solution. You cannot always be so careful as to not apply the lotion on it. A far wiser idea is to coat your eyebrows with Vaseline or any other petroleum jelly. That will keep the tanning lotion away from the eyebrows.
  • Shave it Off: Shave off the hair that you have on areas where the tanning lotion will be applied. This needs to be done an hour before you start applying the tanner. For women, these areas include the underarms, the bikini spot and the underarms. For men, shaving off the face and the chest is important.
  • Have Enough Time: Time is a critical factor when you are self-tanning. You need about an hour or so to prepare yourself and then apply the tanning lotion. A good idea is to use the tanning lotion before going to bed. In that case, you have to apply the tanning lotion an hour before hitting the sack. You wouldn’t want the tanning lotion coming off on your overnight clothes! While you sleep, the tan will dry up in your skin and you are ready to hit the beach the next morning!
  • Ready to Reapply: Tanning lotions fade out after a few days, depending upon the conditions and exposure to sunlight. When it does start to fade, reapply the lotion in the same process.

Author Bio: Mike Richards has a wealth of experience in skin care regimens and writes about it online.