Last year I went USA for six months, where I had my best travelling experience. I visited the best cities of the country by taking the car hire USA services and explored the beauty to the fullest. Hawaii was my first destination; this place offers some of the best islands with amazing scenic beauty. The beaches are clean with turquoise blue waters and white sands; every beach is unique in its own way. I enjoyed swimming; surfing and other water based activities in some of the beaches, whereas some offered the calm waters where I got time to relax my senses, far away from the hassle of busy life. Hawaii offers picture perfect beauty; one should defiantly come here with the loved one for spending the romantic moments by hiring the car services.

After Hawaii, my second destination was Las Vegas, after relaxing it was time to get wild in this amazing city, which never sleeps. With so many casinos, bar, night clubs, it became difficult for me to select the best one. With the hired car, I tried to explore maximum areas; the best part was winning money in a casino game. Lag Vegas offers out of this world experience, colorful lights, busy streets, friendly people, everything is outstanding. After trying my luck in casinos, I went for shopping in my hired car. There are so many branded stores in this city; one can select the goodies as per the choice. I took some of the latest design clothes and accessories, after shopping it was time to relax and have dinner. With a good car it became easy to look out for the best restaurant as it’s convenient to travel and even shortcut routes can also be taken. Prime Steakhouse serves the best steaks in this city and is very popular. I loved the food and the ambience of the place, after Las Vegas my last destination was New York.

With my hired car I reached to the final destination, New York. This city is amazing; it offers so many different aspects to explore. From famous historical monuments, churches, museums to the modern sights and extraordinary nightlife, I got the chance to explore every area to the fullest. If you visit this city then it’s a must to take a bite of popular pizza, Franny’s, Grimaldi’s, Artichoke Basille’s Pizza, Lombardi’s, etc. are some of the best names in this field. During my visit to all these cities, I realized that every place has its own beauty, culture and uniqueness. With the help of car hire usa services, I got the chance to explore it and enjoy every bit of my travelling in the best way. It gave me so many memorable moments to cherish and such a wonderful experience for the lifetime.

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