Though the market of auto industry may be slack but experimenting on newer technologies is on a blistering pace. Anyone dreaming to have a car would incomplete without incorporating certain modern technologies, which are based on convenience, safety, luxury and similar other features, which makes it high end and modern. The cutting edge of today can be called as the commonplace of tomorrow, the following are some of the advance technologies, which the car lovers would love to incorporate in their modern day dream cars, let’s check them out as under:

Advance technology in your dream car

The rear mounted radar: Do you find backing out your car not less than adventure stuff? If yes then you have a solution in the form of rear mounted radar. Though this technology has been in place for a while yet it was not that popular in cars. You can certainly install the same in your dream car and get alerts of any approaching cross traffic. The Ford’s system known as Cross Traffic Alert comes with the 2010 Fusion and Mercury Milan, which even carries an outboard mirror alarm indicators.

Cameras: Earlier there was a cut throat competition seen among the car manufacturers on incorporating higher number of cup holders over their car’s interior. However, this competition has now shifted towards the cameras. The camera systems, which render you a view behind the car while shifted over the reverse, are of yesterday phenomenon. Now you have the new trend towards having multiple cameras offering you an enlarged kind of field view. You can find this technology in your dream car known as the 7 series of BMW wherein the multi-camera systems called Valeo simply uses 3-5 cameras (as per the version) in order to display the panoramic view while parking. Precise distance is simply given by lines over the image, while it even gives you an alarm wherein the vehicle simply closes over the unseen object while doing the manoeuvring things. The Around View Monitor that comes out with four wide angle cameras are installed over rear and front and different sides rendering the bird’s eye view for parking purposes.

In Car Internet: Another feature, which you would love incorporate in your dream car is the In Car Internet. Though the pure Wi Fi internet access seems to be still distant dream thing yet you can find it in cars relying over your cell phone technology. One of the first system, which turn your car into a Wi Fi hotspot is the Autonet Mobile. By using the portable router, which is mounted over the trunk or the other out of the way location; you have a system that employs 3G network in order to supply the uninterrupted signals irrespective of the cell tower blind spots and tunnels along with others. Apart from the 399 dollar router you simply need monthly subscription fees as well as per the usage. You can find this technology in cars like Chrysler offering the UConnect Web System coming in different models while Ford giving you a system known as Ford Work Solutions over the current F-150 pickup truck, which basically focuses on contractors.  It also collates different technologies, which bring in a wide range of tasks from managing your inventory tool in order to send out the invoices and then creating spreadsheets while surfing the web via the Sprint Mobile.

The Driver Capability: Though it can be beneficial in many ways to have a system, which analyzes the aptitude of the driver and simply shuts down the car the moment the vehicle realises the incompetence, we still seem to be lagging behind in it. However, you can find the technology, which are present these days that help in measuring the fitness of the driver and alerts the other people sitting inside the car about the impaired or overly tired driver. With the help of Attention Assist seen in the Mercedes Benz E Class model of 2010, you can easily making out whether the behaviour of your driver is normal or not when he is seen over the wheel along with establishing the baseline profile of the driver. The frequently measuring elements including lateral acceleration, speed, pedal use and steering wheel angle, which helps in determining the deviation found over the baseline. If this happens, it helps in alerting the driver both audibly and visually informing about the break time. Also, the external influences like crosswind and road surfaces are also factored in. There is loads of stuff to explore on this issue catching the site of Westcott Towbars.