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Why VoIP Ensures the Future of Businesses

In order for businesses to maintain relevancy they have need to be innovative. With new technology that impact on the profitability of businesses being introduced more frequently than before, they can’t afford to be complaisant and just rely on old methods however effective they might be. These days a business solution can lose relevance fast.
To help ensure the competitiveness of companies, experts recommend that they use the most modern mode of communication available these days which is VoIP. They list some of the reasons why VoIP is the future of business communications and a must for companies.

VoIP Phone service slowly replacing the analog telephone system
Analog telephone technology is fast getting outdated. The use of PSTN, the nationwide support infrastructure that makes analog calls possible has been declining for years. It is expected that the service will eventually become extinct by 2018.
More and more businesses are replacing their old analog phone systems with more modern phone systems. VoIP technology which allows calling over the internet is one of them. The reason for the switch is not simply because the technology is new. VoIP offers many benefits that businesses would be foolish not to take advantage of. It is cost effective. The monthly savings that businesses earn from reduced telephone bills can amount to hundreds of dollars. And there’s no need to count minutes since many providers that produces services like RingCentral business VoIP usually offer unlimited national and even international calling.
Hardware Requirements
Analog PBX and phones are slowly but surely vanishing from offices across the country. Often bulky chunks of metal, analog hardware require a lot of time to install and too much money to maintain. On the contrary, IP PBX and hosted PBX only require computers, IP phones, and routers in order to work and provide excellent sound quality. The services that VoIP companies offer are not limited to calling. They also provide IP faxes which send messages over the internet that end up as paper fax or an email attachment. Companies can now entirely eliminate the fax machine.
Scalable Extensions
One of the most important aspects of managing a business is planning for future growth. Cost effectiveness is not the only benefit that VoIP offers business. A technology easily allowing additional, adjustment and removal of extensions, VOIP adapts to the needs of businesses without a lot of money involved. On the hand companies relying on analog phone have to call a technician each time they need a change in extensions. VoIP serviced companies simply access their VoIP account and ask for the necessary extension change.
The typical rate most VoIP providers charge for each extension change is $20 per month. This represents hefty savings on telephone bills for companies. Communication systems that offer effortless extension scalability help businesses establish the foundation for future growth and profit.
Mobile/Remote Employees
The day when mobile or remote employees will outnumber office-based employees is just around the corner. This is a good development for businesses. It will enable them to tap talents in all parts of the globe which can increase their reach and profitability.
Business VoIP prepares companies for the mode of doing business and staffing requirements of the future. With it remote employees can download apps into their PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones and other internet enabled gadgets to call or receive calls to or from their home offices or customers anytime and anywhere. They can also use the IP fax whenever delivery of paper documents is required.
It is obvious that many companies which opted to switch to VoIP have excellent reasons for doing it. VoIP not only offers cost effectiveness, it also offers companies an effective means of preparing for future.


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