Even before it made its mark in the field of mobile technology, Apple has been known for being the technology of the elite. It has made a name for itself by being sleek, reliable, and durable technology worth its price tag.

The Criticisms against Apple

Many detractors often scoff at Apple these days for being the "snobby" type of computer or piece of electronics. The criticism is mainly brought about by its price: Apple products are notoriously the most expensive in whichever market, the way the iPhone is in mobile, the iPad is for tablets, and so on.

There is also the fact that Apple’s OS is "closed". For example, unlike Windows programs that are readily available everywhere and easily installed regardless of the brand of hardware a user has, programs can’t simply be installed into a Mac. Mac products will only accept Mac-specific programs, and often, these are (again) more expensive. If you want to install a virtual office program onto a Mac, you will need to buy the version specifically made for a Mac (hopefully, your provider has a version).

In a similar manner, the iOS is closed in the sense that the applications specifically found at the iTunes store will only be functional in the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. The iTunes store is seen as the gatekeeper of all these high-quality apps that are not available for other mobile OS like Android. At the same time, they can only be bought or downloaded from the App Store. An Apple product would have to be "jailbroken" in order to be able to download an App elsewhere to be used, bypassing Apple’s security.

Why Apple Surges On Anyway

Why, in spite of these criticisms, does Apple continue to rise as one of the biggest names in technology? Apparently, it’s apathy in the face of these accusations. According to CEO Tim Cook in a press conference at Goldman Sach’s, Apple just doesn’t look at the fact that their competitors have cheaper products or are more readily accessible. They don’t see this as any reason to adjust at present—he is much more concerned with Apple’s market future.

According to Cook, the size of Apple and the momentum by which it has been moving is the very advantage that the brand uses. It has a "tunnel-vision" on what it wants to do, and doesn’t concern itself much about what the rest of the market decides to do.

Cook sees Apple as determined to continue making the very best business phone it could, and nothing, not even expense, should be a hindrance to it, especially since taking the R&D time out to make a cheaper one might prevent it from focusing on making the best. As a current market leader, Apple produces the very best to cater to the demand and will keep doing so regardless of what the competition is doing, ignoring the little hindrances in the way such a lawsuits—Apple has money to spare, after all. And it intends on just passing through roadblocks one after another to get to the future.