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iPhone and iPad apps and games that were rocking this week

December has finally arrived so it’s the perfect time to highlight this week’s best and most engaging apps and games for both the iPad and the iPhone. With such a wide variety to choose from iTunes, making a list might seem a bit trickier. As a devoted fan of the iOS you should always be updated with the latest releases, so let’s have a look at some ground-breaking games & apps ready to make your winter holiday a lot more entertaining. Now that the iPhone 5S and iPad Air are ready for grabs, Apple fans should prepare themselves from unbelievable gaming experiences.

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Apple plows forward into 2013, no matter what everyone else thinks

Even before it made its mark in the field of mobile technology, Apple has been known for being the technology of the elite. It has made a name for itself by being sleek, reliable, and durable technology worth its price tag.

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Q1 2013 Earnings prove Apple still doing well

Apple has announced that its first quarter earnings is at a record $54.5 billion in revenue, compared to $46.33 billion same time last year. The Cupertino tech giant has shipped more than 47 million iPhones in Q1 of 2013, a figure that is both astonishing and ironic, since Apple’s stock price is on a decline. The number of handsets sold is also a record high for the company, amidst the rumors that consumers are slowly losing interest. Apple’s flagship product is facing intense competition from other manufacturers, but from what these earnings report suggests, the iPhone is still ahead of the game.

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The Apple 2013 Rumors Rundown

Apple’s year has been a rollercoaster, to say the least. 2012 brought forth many notable events in Apple’s history. While the multi-billion-dollar electronics company founded by Steve Jobs does indeed continue to break new ground in technology, it doesn’t come without its price.

The Last Year

One of the most well-known events of past year for Apple was the start of what many electronics enthusiasts though of as an era of litigation. The opening salvos came from the highly publicized Apple vs. Samsung battle that reached its climax with Apple being the runaway victor in terms of design copyrights. While there are of course those who are aware that the Apple is indeed the worthy winner in this battle, there are others who feel that Apple’s documented hard-line policy in terms of patents and copyrights with regards to design and interface could choke the innovation in the market.

But why shouldn’t they? For example, Apple’s iPhone is one of the most highly sought-after (if not the most sought-after) device in the market today. It has undergone four or five incarnations so far, but one thing that remained consistent is its sleek design, excellent GUI, and its excellent performance. This dependence is even more starkly observed in its larger sibling, the iPad, which businesses in the US are now issuing to its employees for business use. Apple has been at the forefront of innovation, according to analysts last year, driving its competitors and the market to greater heights.

But what do they have planned this year?

Coming This Year

Rumors about Apple plans for making their year 2013 a little brighter than the last are already coming out:

  • Bringing Mac Mini Production to America – This year, the electronics giant plans to bring the manufacturing of at least one of their products (the Mac Mini) to US shores. While one side of the debate over this is glad and proposes that there will be an increase in jobs for Americans, there is another side which worries about how this will affect costs, especially if workers unions get involved.
  • Bluetooth Smart Watch – Apple changed the world of mobile phones with the iPhone, but now they may be looking to change watches as well. Not many people wear watches anymore, since a single glance at a cell phone can tell the time; but Apple’s smart watch is designed to control apple devices via Bluetooth.
  • Exploring Alternative Wind Power – Keeping in line with the environmental initiative that re-elected President Barack Obama put forth, Apple is rumored to be using their creative technologies to develop inventions that harness wind energy, taking the place conventional turbines.
  • The Mac Mouse – Apple also plans on redesigning the Mac Mouse. So far it’s been disappointing, but perhaps there will be some breakthroughs this year.

After all, Apple is the business phone provider of choice for countless businessmen all over the country, due to its excellent products and wide range of Apps.

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Cool Accessories for the iPad

If you own an iPad, here are some accessories that you may want to consider buying to enhance your user experience and to make your iPad do more for you:

1. Case with built-in Bluetooth keyboard – if the touch screen keyboard’s lack of tactile feedback is bothering you, why don’t you get an actual keyboard? There are cases that open up to reveal a set of keys similar to an Apple keyboard. This makes the whole device and the accessory one neat package.


Enjoy the Uniqueness on the Photos with the Help of Photo Editing Application

With the launch of iPad, people can enjoy the all the latest features under one roof. People can get all the details of the application, games, calls, text with all sorts of the best service. IPad is a device, which satisfy the need of people in all respect. IPad applications are latest, unique and are available in major variations. IPad provide a life of comfort, ease and perfection for the user with the latest application. With iPad, you can fulfill all your requirements and enjoy all the facilities at one go.

List of photo editing applications

Everyone loves to click photos and share them as memory. However, click of a photo is not perfect all time and so photo editing application enhance the quality of photos with the help of adjustment of pixel and color. This ultimately allows you to enjoy the masterpiece in your own style. Find the best photo editing application, enjoy the best photo memory of your events of life, and share the happiness.

  • Adobe Photoshop Express-This application gives you the facility to crop, color adjustment, and give extra touch in the photo to make it more attractive and perfect. With the help of Sketch feature, you can take the benefit of artistry look.
  • CropSuey HD- This application is the perfect crop tool and the simplest tool that you can use for photo editing. After you start the application, you can take the help of three-step advance tutorial and enjoy the knowledge of the application.
  • Photogene for iPad- This application is the perfect application to provide you with the best service. Photo files can be edited in an exact manner. Resize of photo, sharpen of photo, straighten of photos can be done very easily and both undo and redo option help you to experiment.
  • PhotoForge for iPad- This application gives you the advantage of painting and allows you to fulfill all the requirements of painting. Users like this application and want it in their latest gadget.
  • PhotoPad- This application helps you with all the details of photo editing and you can enjoy it easily in your gadget. This has given the opportunity to some special effects and users can enjoy photo editing with lots of variations.
  • Filterstorm- This application helps you to achieve the excellent features of brush, color and image wideness. Curves application is also possible with Filterstorm with perfect adjustment. This application is very useful and effective for the user to learn the techniques of photo editing.

Above all, these aforesaid applications are great to use and you can enjoy the world of new photos with a slight change to perfection. These application developers know exactly how they work and so they give the easiest way to apply these applications in a perfect manner. One can enjoy the benefit of the applications on iPad and explore the world of photo editing in a great manner. Enhancement of memories through photo and photo editing application is the real choice that you can take the benefit of and refer to the color and beauty of the world.

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Some must have iPad Apps for Web Designers

Web designers and web developers are much creative, who are constantly thinking and visualizing about making their web page attractive and beautiful. The web designers mostly work on their laptops and PCs when they are at office or home. But when they are outside, and suddenly any idea come to their mind, then it is very important to implement it and see how it looks on screen. For this, the iPad has become a very indispensable part of life, especially for the web developers and designers. The iPad offers the screen size that will allow you to see clearly how the design looks on the screen, and allow you to make desired changes to it. Further the iPad also has some amazing apps, which will help the web designers in doing their job professionally and with quite ease.


How to convert Your iPad into a Kiosk device

Its not only about the trendy look and user friendly interface that attracts consumers towards Apple device; it would be unfair if we ignore the advanced features and immense utility of the Apple products. Using an Apple product undoubtedly adds on to the style quotient of the users, however it is not only about being brand conscious, there is a lot in store for all the users owning to which the number of Apple consumers is ever increasing. iPad users now have the opportunity of turning their device into a kiosk. Surprised?? Well, the cutting edge features and diverse use of iPad is one most important reason for the increasing demand of this high tech device.