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Is the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom a Viable Product?

There was some debate on the merits of Samsung’s latest announced product, the Galaxy S4 Zoom, the moment people got word that the Korean manufacturer was going for a smaller, telephony-capable variant of its much-maligned Galaxy Camera. Branding issues, aesthetic concerns, and speculation over the device’s actual utility are all part of the discussion. It’s

2 Types Of Motion Activated Hidden Cameras

There are so many benefits of living in today’s technology-laden world. Several years ago it wasn’t even possible to check email or surf the Internet until you were sitting in front of your gigantic computer screen at home. Now you can perform these functions and countless others with the ease and convenience of your mobile,

How to Find Cheap Digital Cameras

Shopping for a digital camera requires a great deal of skill. Aside from taking note how much you should spend on it, you must also establish what kind of camera you truly need. Of course, price is a very important factor. Then again, you should never sacrifice the quality of camera you buy for the