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Modeling your presence in this mobile, multi-device world

Not too long ago, we lived in a world where everyone was sitting at office desks or home offices. It was all about desktop computers and laptops. But it’s a completely different scenario nowadays; people aren’t confined to their desks anymore because there’s a wide range of devices available within reach. People are reading e-books

What is ITIL and Why Does it Matter for IT Managers?

If you are wondering what ITIL is about, it is stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. The library is made up of several manuals and books that point out the proper practices that will benefit IT managers. The purpose of ITIL is to help managers set the right standards for IT as well as perform

Most effective programming language for – SEO

Programming language It is a set of grammatical rules for instructing a computer to perform specific tasks. These are also called as high level languages such as C, C++, BASIC, COBOL and Pascal. Each language has a special syntax and a unique set of keywords to organize the instructions.