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5 Benefits of Cloud Computing

Tired of networking issues between cubicles? Looking for an easy way to monitor projects even when you can’t be in the office? Cloud computing can solve a lot of problems for the modern business. Here are just five reasons to consider making the switch.

Vanish Yourself with US IP Address

Main Functionalities of IP Address: US IP address is very famous of its type. As we all know that United States have crossed stages of development in the field of information technology. The basis of information technology is due to the connectivity and integration among the users. The exchange of information has became so fast

Six Tech-Related Words We Really Shouldn’t Use IRL

Sometimes, we become so engrossed in the world of ones, zeroes, and funny pictures of cats that we forget the distinction between cyberspace and the real world. That means that our civilization has evolved to the point where all it needs to accomplish anything is to sit in front of an illuminated magic box full

CISPA gets rejected by the Senate for a second time

In the same under-the-radar maneuver that allowed the controversial bill to pass the House of Representatives, CISPA was rejected for a second time on a senate vote. According to the US Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation , which had been tasked to take on the bill’s second attempt to land in the oval

Keeping RSS Alive: Searching for a Google Reader Alternative

The announcement of Google Reader’s impending death early in March shook the World Wide Web and elicited violent reactions from its loyal users. From social networking sites to blogs and online journals, people were protesting against Google’s recent decision and expressing dismay over the killing of their beloved RSS platform. Citing the declining number of

Need of VPN for Secure Internet

If you are even thinking to go online via some public network without any kind of encryption, proxy or VPN than you are surely going to make a wrong decision, and this is because public networks are known to be the play ground of the hackers, who are just waiting to drag a user down

Declutter Your Digital Life in 5 Simple Steps

Gone are the times when having multiple digital accounts and gadgets are only for tech geeks. Today, just about everyone manages different online accounts in various mobile devices. While this indicates a forward-thinking culture, it unfortunately puts people’s machines and data at risk, as cyber-criminals tend to use exploiting digital clutter as a primary tactic.

Modeling your presence in this mobile, multi-device world

Not too long ago, we lived in a world where everyone was sitting at office desks or home offices. It was all about desktop computers and laptops. But it’s a completely different scenario nowadays; people aren’t confined to their desks anymore because there’s a wide range of devices available within reach. People are reading e-books