Does Your Filing System Work for You or Against You?

Do you have trouble finding documents once they enter your work area? Do you feel frustrated when you need a file quickly but can’t seem to locate it? Running a successful office means that you must have a filing system in place that works for you, not against you. If you take a few minutes to sit at your desk and think about the work that you do, you can develop a system that is more efficient and that allows you to be more productive on the tasks that you’re assigned.

Explore Your Work Area

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting a new job or you’ve been in your current position for a number of years; you can benefit from taking some time to think about the tools that you need to do your job and where you think these items would be best located. In fact, imagine that you’re working on a job, reach for the stapler or paper clips, and see which part of your desk is more easily accessible. Also think about where your files should be located to make them more convenient for you to reach. You should consider how you file information and if you prefer any of the following:

  1. Alphabetical order
  2. Numerical order
  3. Subject filing
  4. Company names
  5. Invoice numbers

Whichever method works best for you is the strategy that you should pursue. Make your work station just that: an area that works for you and enhances your ability to get the job done. You’ll want to complete this entire process before you buy any new materials to help you with your job.

How Much Storage Will You Need?

You’ll have to think about the number of files that you work with on a regular basis to determine the amount of space that you need for your documents. You may want to purchase a cabinet that has more than twice the amount of space you need to allow for expansion of the client base and the documentation that you’ll be keeping. You won’t be continually reorganising the system that you’re using if you make arrangements to add to your existing files. Put your filing cabinet close to your work area so that you won’t have to constantly get up to access your files; preferably one that fits close to your desk should be your ultimate goal.

Buy Quality Materials That Will Handle the Job

Your file folders and labels can be brightly coloured to your personal preference, or they can reflect your organisational topic areas. Make sure that you buy quality materials that will hold up to regular use and that will help you get the job done. If you click here, you will find a plethora of files, pockets, binders, writing supplies, and all sorts of materials that will enhance your filing jobs. From your labels to desktop accessories to office planning tools, you should invest in materials that will last with regular use, enhance your ability to meet deadlines, and make you more productive and efficient no matter what the task.

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