Web hosting is a kind of service that makes a website accessible in the world of internet. Usually, many online web-hosting companies provide these services. It is such kind of business, which gives effective services with latest techniques. There are also different forms of web hosting that the providers offer to the customer. This article is about some basic types/kinds of web hosting services.


This type of service is delivered on the basis of periodic payment. The hosting providers usually give these types of service on reasonable price. The hosting company may have own domain name attached with their hosting. The company is not allowed to advertise on the client’s web page without permission.


Many companies offer free hosting services. As it is a free hosting service, you will find minimal features on it. In addition, it has to show many advertisements on its web sites. Moreover, you have to use a domain name that is added to the providers’ name.


These types of hosting services enable various websites to sell their services. Such kind of websites has their own server, and they can use special features. They have the right to resell hosting services to other potential customers. Usually, such kind of service needs to spend some amount.


When some of the websites share just one server, then it has called the Shared web hosting. It is cost effective as all the shared web owners have shared the expenses. Many websites run on a single web server. However, it is cost effective but it has little limitation also. In this type of hosting service, your web site information is not very safe, as you have to share it with others for the web server. As a result, many web site users are not willing to use such services.


Dedicated web hosting is more secure service than other services. You can use a single web server for your websites. You are fully responsible for your web server maintenance and its security. Though it is a little bit expensive but the service ensures your full security.


Virtual Private Server that is known as VPS and it is ideal solution for those who want to use shared service plans but do not want to shift into the dedicated hosts. VPS is a scalable and versatile hosting service that can be pocketed easily. It can fulfill your demand about any kinds of websites.


If you want to enjoy any special web server then you can choose managed web hosting. It is such web hosting service, which can give you full satisfaction. It is not as like as the dedicated hosting service where the user has to manage their server. You don’t have the full permission to manage the server. The providers provide this service by managing with from the other web server.

Therefore, here is all about seven different types of web hosting services. You can compare from them and choose a better service for you. Though, you have to consider about the price as the price will be varied on different service provider for different types of hosting services.

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