Teenage and adult women can spend hours every day doing their hair. They want their hair to look absolutely perfect before they go out in public. So why shouldn’t women do the same for their baby girls? Babies are always very cute, especially after a couple of months, but they never seem to have anything going on with their hair. A lot of babies are born with a full head of hair which only gets thicker as they age. Is your baby still hairless even after a couple of months? There are still plenty of things you can do to make them stand out. Baby headbands can make your little girl look precious. This article will list some unique ideas for styling your baby’s hair (or lack thereof).

1. Elastic Colored Headbands

Give your baby an adorable, yet womanly look with the traditional elastic headband. Elastic headbands look great with a full head of hair or no hair at all. Pick your daughter’s favorite color (or yours) and match a cute outfit with it. Traditional headbands look great with same-colored outfits, such as a teal colored elastic headband with a teal shirt and teal pants.

2. Flower Headbands

Flower pieces look beautiful on any little girl, and it will show off her femininity even if she hasn’t grown hair yet. Whether your daughter is three months or two years old, a flower headband will look amazing on her. You might decide on a tiny rose or a large daisy. Or maybe you want a headband totally covered in flower pieces. Flower pieces generally sit off to the side, making for a precious and lovely look. There are hundreds of ideas for flower piece headbands. You can use a thin headband with a large flower; a large headband with a small flower; or even a large headband with a large flower to really make your daughter noticeable! Flower piece headbands can go with absolutely any outfit, and the flower can be any one you choose. You can even design these from home. Just take a normal elastic headband, a flower from a craft store, and superglue the flower onto the headband. That’s it! You can also buy headbands with the flower pieces already attached.

3. Sequin Headbands

Do you have a future dancer/singer on your hands? Sequined headbands are a sparkly, shocking look that’s sure to make your baby look like a star. Sequins come in different colors and can match with just about anything. This is a good idea for professional pictures as well, because the sequins will draw the viewer’s eyes on to the baby.

4. Large Hair Clips

Large hair clips are an excellent idea for keeping your daughter’s hair out of her face. Rather than allow her to continue to struggle with the constant hassle of her hair, put it back or off to the side with a big hair clip. It’s important that the hair clip is very large, because your baby might take small ones and swallow them.

My name is Casey Jessup and I design fashion accessories for babies and toddlers. I specialize in hair ties for babies.

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