With the wide variety of choices available, there is never an excuse not to be style-savvy, even when it comes to choosing your laptop. There are stylish and fashionable units available, which will suit your style preferences as much as it does with your technical requirements.

Naturally, pink laptops are great choices for women. Then again, it is not a crime to get on top of your game by choosing a color trend that is so ‘hot’ and ‘in’ nowadays! That is especially true since pink laptops are not only ahead in style but also in terms of specs. You will never get short of choices available that will suit your needs and requirements best. Read on for the top five choices of hot pink laptops for everyone.


Sony VAIO is known for its full lineup of colorful and powerful laptops. This one, in its hot pink color, will not disappoint. It can provide as much power as a full desktop computer. It is suitable for those who crave for state-of-the-art graphics, especially when they are watching videos and flicks. It is a great choice for those who seek sharp and crisp sounds when they are listening to downloaded songs or when they are streaming music. It has everything you need to do Internet-related tasks and everything else in between.

Acer Aspire One AOD250

This is a top pick for a savvy traveler. It is portable, it is powerful, it is fashionable. It is worthy of every cent you need to spend. It has clearly great features that lets you share and upload images, stream music, surf the internet, and email friends and families while you are either at work, at play, or anywhere else in the world. Although it is very portable, the Acer Aspire One has a 10.1 inch LED screen, which will give you a real visual joy. This pink laptop never fails to deliver as it stays up and about for three straight hours without the need to charge. It is also very easy to operate, making it even more of a great choice.

Samsung NC10

The Samsung netbook is another great choice of a pink laptop. It is as portable and as powerful as the Acer Aspire. Then again, it is more suitable for the Internet-savvy as you can do a lot of Internet related tasks with it easily. You will never also have problems carrying this netbook around because it is only 2.8lbs heavy but it can carry a heavy load of data with its high volume hard drive.

HP Mini 210

This is one functional and fashionable laptop that will sweep you off your feet. In fact, it is mostly the choice of style-savvy individuals because it definitely went beyond the usual styling of many laptops. Aside from being on top off its game in terms of style, this is also a powerful gadget that will allow you the benefits of being in the loop.

Macbook Pro

If you dig Mac, this is the best Mac with the best style for you. Yes, we know Apple does not have a pink laptop in its midst. Then again, that should not stop you from getting that kind of style. You may contact an aftermarket shop that could style up and glam up your laptop. Aside from being well-dressed, this is very powerful, providing everything that you could possibly need.