Why Run Your Small Business Using a Tablet Instead of a Laptop

Weighing the benefits of using a tablet instead of the bulky laptop for business isn’t exactly rocket science. It’s no wonder why a lot of small business honchos nowadays are switching to tablets in place of laptops for productivity. Here are some reasons why you, too, should start running your small business using this fresh tech essential.

It’s portable

A lot of people switch to tablets because they’re way lighter and smaller than conventional laptops which can be a burden to carry around. I’m sure you’d rather carry around a paper-thin device that weighs under a pound than lug around over five pounds’ worth of plastic and metal in your bag whether you’re going to take public transport or walking from one restaurant to another to meet clients. Additionally, these tablets can go ‘stealth’ because they don’t attract much attention, as laptops do. They are perhaps safer to bring outside your office’s premises because they lessen the chances of you getting robbed or having stuff stolen from you.

You’ll get more stuff done

There’s no contest between tablets and laptops when it comes to productivity. Looking at power consumption alone will show you that there’s a big difference between the two. A single charge on a tablet can give you a full day of computing power – compared to running a laptop which lasts three to five hours max when unplugged.

With laptops, you also run the risk of not having an available Wi-Fi hotspot, unlike with a 4G- or 3G-enabled tablet which also allows you to have a network connection through your mobile carrier (they come with corresponding charges, though) aside from the wireless internet connectivity. While you can opt to purchase an AirCard from your network operator that will act as a wireless adapter to keep the internet connection always present on your laptop, it’s just another piece of hardware that you’ll have to worry about, and I’m sure you certainly don’t want that.

And laptops don’t come even an inch close to tablets when it comes to booting. You can turn on a tablet instantly with a press of a button or a few taps and swipes, while it would usually take centuries for a laptop to get all fired up. For business people who are always on the go, nothing beats an instant on or always on device that can be used right away whenever the need arises.

It’ll make you look more professional

Since you can bring your tablet to life with just the tap of a finger, you get instant access all the tools you need to cover your business needs. You can launch the touch-optimized RingCentral phone app to call your clients using your office phone extension number. You can fire up Power Presenter to display PDF slideshows you created before your partners. You can show video demos of your product to prospects in a café without drawing any unwanted attention from other customers.

Tablets are truly changing the way people do business. So what are you waiting for? Start using one now to reap the benefits that this tool presents your business.

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