Twitter And Linkedin Can Increase Your Earnings Easily

People wake up every morning and the first thing that normally comes to mind and is running through their brains is to check their various online profiles on different social media platforms. They also open and check the inbox of their electronic mails to read personal and private messages as well as newsletters. All these social media platforms can help firms, business organizations and individuals to market and advertise their products, brands, articles and services that are currently online. Social media platforms LinkedIn and Twitter connects people and have plenty users as who would help you in realizing that enormous increase in your earnings.

How Twitter Guarantees An Increase In Earnings

Twitter is a social media platform that helps individuals, firms and business organizations connect with each other. Twitter makes it possible for an account holder to follow and be followed. Personalities who are far away from us in our personal lives and status in the form of musicians, sportsmen and movie stars can all be followed on this platform.

For individuals who want to use this platform for online marketing and advertisement, should copy and paste their links into their various profiles. The process used in doing this is tweeting. Tweet the links to your various URL’s of your projects and it would be visible to all your followers. Many of the followers who shares interest in the keywords of your tweets would open your link and view your pages as well as your contents. Firms and business organizations who wants to engage in online marketing and advertisement using this platform should tweet their products, brands and services and also provide a link to those services. Post tweets about your upcoming events, where and when it would be held and from there, what next? This would help individuals who like your brand, products and services to be updated on the current services that are being given out by their clients. It improves the number of customers and most importantly, there is an enormous sales increase.

New Twitter Analytic’s Platform

Twitter has opened its analytic platform which gives each and every individual access to in – depth data as well as information about the people, brand and companies who follow them. It also provides you with the opportunity to see the performance of your most recent tweets. This enables firms, individuals to know who opened their links to have a glimpse of their projects and brands as well as see how they are performing.


LinkedIn is a social media platform which helps connect individuals, firms, organizations and most importantly, entrepreneurs. Individuals and firms can connect with their various affiliations by inviting them to open and view your current projects, brands and services. Your affiliates can also share your current projects with their various connections that might be in your line of your interest, they can be companies and also people within your fraternity. These increase the earnings of persons and individuals and for firms and business organizations, improve the number of customers, the brand and also the sales.

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