Nowadays, many firms are out looking for SEO Firm to do competitor analysis for SEO usage. Whenever you, as a company, have a picture of the competition you are facing and their activities it is a good measure of where you are currently positioned and also it is important when it comes to tracking in your progress up the ranks in search engine results. It is also important to know how the plans and the activities of your competitors will affect your ranking on search engines. In short, knowing your competitor is a key ingredient in to your progress especially in the online landscape where things are dynamic and subject to change without notice. Here are some of the critical roles that SEO Firm in India plays when it comes to competitor analysis.

1. They help in defining keywords

The first and the most important step when it comes to competitor SEO analysis is the definition of keywords. A SEO Firm helps you in coming up with a list of keywords that people use whenever they are searching for your site. This will act as a comparison template when you are looking at your competitors and their activities. With the keywords and other necessary industry specific terms in hand, it becomes much easy for you to be put your competitors into perspective.

2. A SEO Firm is instrumental in defining your competitors

The main objective of conducting a competitor SEO analysis is to defining your competitors. Since you cannot analyze someone or something you are not aware of, you have to define them first. Whenever you contact a SEO Firm for this work, they will conduct an intensive research for similar organizations or business that also happen to share the top slots of the results displayed by various popular search engines. These companies are usually your competitors since SEO is basically a competition for the top slots in search engine results.

3. They help in finding out what your competitors are doing

After defining your competitors, the next step that a SEO Firm takes  is conduct an assessment of what techniques, plans and other measures they are taking to be highly ranked. Using various tools such as Google Trends for trending keywords, Open Site explorer and HubSpot, they look at the vision of those particular firms, the products and services they are offering, the type of content they have online and also the kind of support they offer to their clients. Through these tools, they are able to determine the patterns and trends of your competitors as compared to other different sites.

4. They are instrumental in application of the acquired tactics

Having successfully analyzed your competitors, the next thing that SEO Firm helps you with is putting the knowledge acquired into action. In normal circumstances, if you were the one conducting the analysis, you would be tempted to try and duplicate their strategies as they are. However unlike you, the hired SEO Firm uses this knowledge to optimize your own business strategies by making relevant changes in areas that you would have otherwise overlooked giving you an upper hand in your industry niche.

Competitor analysis is very essential when it comes to sustaining search engine ranking. Though there are ways that you as a business can conduct the analysis internally, hiring an external SEO Firm in India to do the analysis has been proven to always yield the best results.


A good firm offering SEO services has its client as its main priority. Besides offering competitive packages, a good SEO Firm in India will offer honest and ethical advice on SEO management.