5 Ways to be the Blogger You Never Thought You Could Ever Be

More people are enjoying blogs than websites, finding blogs easier to read. And they seek out sites that really give them new and interesting information regularly. All newbie bloggers want to have blogs like this but they don’t know how to upgrade their blogging skills. Actually, there are 5 basic ways to be the blogger you never thought you could ever be.

1. Visit Good Blogs

First, visit blogs and study about their design and presentation style. A lot of good sites have simple layouts and present their articles like a magazine – it’s formal and yet not too formal. The reader feels at home and relaxed reading the articles and feels welcome and stirred to comment. Visit sites like this and try to catch their "souls and spirits."

How to be a better blogger is like figuring out how to be a better writer or speaker. One needs a mentor or at least a model to emulate. Read a lot on that model’s writings or speeches and watch the writing style or delivery. Gradually, regular study allows deeper inspiration and soaks in style and philosophy until the model’s influence in an individual becomes obvious. That’s when the "soul and spirit" of the model is caught by the learner. The same goes with studying blogs. Don’t try to re-invent blogging. Rather, learn from the masters.

2. Keep Reading and Researching

Successful blogging means the ability to come up with unique blends of ideas. This means the blogger must have rich exposure to different schools of thought, as well as various experiences. This enhances imagination that sets one’s blog apart from the rest. Developing how one’s mind works through these exposures can lead you to be the blogger you never thought you could be.

Thus, reading and researching a lot about various topics can help powerfully in this regard. Reading helps the mind travel to places and access experiences. Continuous reading is one of the secrets to how to be a better blogger. It makes materials for writing about readily available in the mind the moment one sits at the desktop to compose a write-up.

Reading also helps correct grammar. Exposure to good writing will straighten up crooked sentence construction in the long run. If not make them perfect grammatically, at least it can make compositions understandable. Good grammar does not guarantee good traffic, but it can make blogs user-friendly. And there’s hope for re-visits in that.

3. Meet People

Blog enthusiasts are life bloggers. And it’s not just about one’s personal life; it should be about life in general so people from all walks of life can relate. Be interested in people and listen well to their stories. These are all good materials for blogging. Listen to the healthy and unhealthy, the weak and strong, the poor and rich, the sophisticated and simple, the schooled and unschooled, the boss and the employee, the sociable and loner. Being knowledgeable about various aspects of life can help you be the blogger you never thought you could be.

4. Write

Keep writing. Don’t let anything get in the way. Not even tons of discouragement. Only writing improves writing skills. And have your write-ups edited by a good editor. In the absence of a human editor, Microsoft Office Word can ably assist newbie writers in spelling and grammar. Make use of Google, too, for spelling and definition. Improving writing skills is among secrets on how to be a better blogger and eventually be the blogger you never thought you could be.

5. Develop Your Own Blogging Style

Finally, develop your own style. Initially, it’s vital to have a mentor or model to emulate for good bloggeship. Later, however, developing one’s own unique style is necessary to create one’s own identity online. The keys here are to keep reading and researching, keep writing, and to express oneself with confidence.

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