Ten Cool Freebie Sites

Ten Cool Freebie Sites and Services that most People don’t know about, but should!

Is it possible to get something for absolutely nothing? The answer is, yes. In fact, there are a whole host of websites dedicated to getting you some goodies without paying a penny. Check out ten of the best sites around for freebies and treat yourself for free! Can you really get something for nothing? Well, actually you can and many savvy sites, frugal forums and awesome offers boards exist to bring you the best the internet has to offer, for nothing. Here are ten of the best places to grab yourself something great without spending a penny.

1. Freecycle and Freegle

Originating in the US, both these sites have local boards where people who can’t be bothered to use eBay list their unwanted goods for nothing. The culture is one of give and take, so if you plan to grab some goodies, do your bit for the needy and offer up something of your own that you no longer need. Freecycle alone has almost 2 million members who every day list things that they no longer find useful, but that someone else might, all in the interests of doing something for charity and for the good vibes they get from it.

2. Gumtree

Well known as a local classifieds board, Gumtree also boasts a freebies section where, a bit like Freecycle, people offer up goods for absolutely nothing. Be careful with some of the listings though, as many unscrupulous commercial companies also frequent the pages of the site offering too good to be true deals such as free iPhones and TV’s, but, as to be expected, you will only be redirected to a website asking you to complete a number of ‘offers’ or to enter a competition to win said high value item.

3. Hot UK Deals

The site has been up and running since 2004 and relies on the eagle eyed members of their forums to spot and post the best free deals out there. The majority of the site is dedicated to the best deals on the market, but there is a specific section for free offers where you can grab free samples and other goodies simply for filling in a form or survey.


Recently sold for over £80million, the moneysavingexpert site was originally founded by TV cash guru Martin Lewis. Forum regulars set out in search of the best free offers on the internet and post them up in the ‘freebies’ section of the forum, but be quick, this is a popular and well used site so good offers with limited availability tend to go quickly.


This is a recycling website that allows users to advertise unwanted goods and get stuff from other users for nothing. In some ways the set up is better than Freecycle, as items can be searched for by keyword, location or category, letting you find items all over the country for nothing. However, it hasn’t got as many users yet, so the search results are more limited.

6. Craigslist

Craigslist is massive in the US and is starting to build up a head of steam in the UK. Similar to Gumtree, it offers goods for sale but also has a freebies section of the website. Many listings come with hi res photos, so if your internet isn’t coping, some of the best high speed internet deals and packages can be found at Broadband Expert which will speed up your browsing and your chance of bagging a bargain.


In the same vein as freecycle and snaffleup, this site offers unwanted goods for nothing from all around the UK. Users are encouraged to swap rather than give away, but with a limited user base at the moment, most transactions seem to be one way.


This is a site that lists all the free samples currently being given away by companies and businesses all over the place. It lets you see what the requirements of taking the freebie are (often signing up to their email newsletters or letting them have your email address for marketing) so you can choose which companies to take up on their offer.

9. Survey sites

There are so many survey sites in the UK and most offer an, albeit small, financial payment for completing surveys. Some, in particular IPSOS, Valued Opinions and Global Test Market, often give out samples of products for testing as well as financial rewards for survey completion.


This is an auctions site where you can ‘bid’ on things other people are selling using credits from your Listia account. Credits are earned by referring friends, selling stuff and by sharing the site with other networks. You do have to pay postage, so check how much this will be before entering into an agreement.

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