Tungsten carbide wedding bands and rings provide a practical alternative to traditional raw material for jewellery such as gold or platinum. It possesses certain properties which give it many advantages over other jewel metals and as a raw metal, tungsten’s strength can be compared to that of titanium. When carbon is added to tungsten to make tungsten carbide, the strength of the compounded metal is only matched by diamonds. As a daily wear metal, tungsten can handle the bustle of life better than silver, gold or even titanium.


Tungsten carbide rings are very durable. They are almost ten times stronger than gold and four times stronger than titanium. While other metals become softer as they get purer, tungsten does not do the same. Gold which is rated at 24 carats, the purest form of gold, is softer than gold which is rated at 10 carats. The 10 carat ring may be stronger and may not lose shape too easily, but more than fifty percent of the composition of the ring will be made of alloys and other elements leaving only a significantly reduced proportion of gold. In essence, you pay less for gold and more for the filler elements.

The more purer rings are softer and bend easily. Tungsten carbide rings cannot bend and the ring will not lose shape.


Traditional wedding bands such as gold or platinum have the propensity to get scratched quite easily. It is inhuman to ask someone to be constantly careful while handling things in order to preserve their rings and a scratch will come at some time or the other. Eventually, as scratches and nicks tend to collect upon the ring, it loses its original sheen and value.

Tungsten carbide though is scratch proof and does not lose its shine under normal conditions. White gold for example, will eventually lose its shine revealing a yellow layer underneath. That can be quite an eyesore. Platinum rings are more scratch resistant but it also costs almost four times as much as gold.

Getting the right fit

The fit of a wedding band is a crucial part of buying one. Though this is something that can only be truly gauged over time, it is important to see how the initial feel of the rig is. Tungsten wedding bands come with a domed comfort fit finish. Hence, those ordering such rings will have to get them half a size smaller than they would get a gold or a platinum ring. Tungsten rings, though they may be a little heavier than gold or platinum, fit better on the fingers in the long run.


Another great advantage of tungsten rings is that they come from a host of different cuts and styles. Shapes range from domed, step edged, pipe cut, concave, beveled edged, etc. There are many finishes to choose from as well such as soft satin, brushed, polished, inlay and now, laser engraved. Colors range from gunmetal grey, light silver, dark silver, black plated or gold plated. One can also customize tungsten rings to include diamonds, zirconias or carbon fiber amongst whatever else that may be on offer. Black colored tungsten rings have become sought after and the gold plated tungsten variety make for rings with the look of gold with the durability and comfort of tungsten.

With the prices of precious metals rising in the current economy, people have been flocking towards alternative metals for jewellery. With interest now increasing in alternate metals, there are now different metals which offer something extra which is removed from the proliferated culture of buying gold or silver.

Roger Williams is a jewellery designer who has worked with different metals to make stunning styles of jewellery for both men and women. Roger has always encouraged more and more work to be done with alternative metals and has done considerable work on tungsten rings. His expertise with the metal makes his advice invaluable. Contact Roger for more details on tungsten and its advantages.