If you want to give your house a fresh new look, then there are ways to do it without doing a complete overhaul as well. Home remodelling projects can be both expensive and time-consuming; that doesn’t mean you can’t freshen up your home otherwise. There are a few creative and quick ways which can change the look of your house. For more ideas, you can also get in touch with an interior designer St. Louis.

Here are some small-scale projects which are quick, easy and easier on the pocket.

  1. Change the floors
  2. When you are renovating the flooring of your house, think about what each of the spaces are being used for. Choose the flooring material accordingly. For example, if you are doing the playroom, give it a soft floor which is made from mats or a carpet. Again, a living space should have a warm feel, so you can toss up between hardwood or laminate flooring expert for those areas.

  3. Experiment with the lights
  4. Another great way to change the feel of your home would be through changing the lighting. Save energy and use recessed lighting. For example, look at halogen lights and energy-friendly dimmers. These are quite the rage in the market now. You can pair these up with some mood lighting.

  5. Install an island or countertops in the kitchen
  6. Countertops always spice up a kitchen with their varieties of colours and design. You can find countertops in many colours and in different materials as well. It is easy to be overwhelmed and spoilt for choice, so you can always ask an interior designer st.louis for more such lighting options. Always find out the pros and cons of different countertop materials before making a choice.

    If you have space then put in a kitchen island. That can become a dining space, if you put in a few counter-high stools. Increase its functionality by increasing its storage capacity as much as you can.

  7. Trim and moulding
  8. These are small details that can really change the look of dining and living spaces. With features like moulding, wainscoting and baseboards, your rooms will definitely get a new dose of character. Crown moulding works wonders in living rooms.

  9. Create storage spaces
  10. There are quite a few advantages to having storage spaces built in. Not only do you save space and create functionality; if done well, it can also add character and sophistication to your rooms.
    There are creative ways to make space. These include making drawers carved under the stairs, built in wardrobes and shelves and so on.

  11. Radiator camouflage
  12. If your radiators are only on one side of the room, it can tend to look asymmetrical. You can always create a cover for your old radiator and install the same on the other side of the room too. This will add symmetry to your rooms.

  13. Put in a shower
  14. If you are tired of cleaning your big bathtub that takes up all the space in your bathroom, why not install a shower instead?  The advantages are too many to ignore. Showers are easier to use, take up lesser space and are much more sanitary than bathtubs. Also, they conserve water.

  15. Take out the kitchen cabinets
  16. A walk-in pantry takes less space, has higher storage capacity and is cheaper to build. Kitchen cabinets are pretty costly and take up a lot of space on the wall. Use the walls for windows instead. This is a pretty good idea if you are planning to do a cost-effective remodel of your kitchen.

About the author:
Dan Mathis works for an interior designer St. Louis. For the last five years, he has been creating space-friendly decorating plans for clients. Dan loves classical music and frequents the opera in his free time.

Home remodelling projects can be both expensive and time-consuming; that doesn’t mean you can’t freshen up your home otherwise.
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