I resigned from my previous job last month as I find it quite impossible to maintain a balance between by personal life and my professional life. I start wondering how millions of people do the unmanageable task every day while remaining stress free. So I researched a lot, talked with my friends and finally arrived at the decision of starting my work again with a fresh mood and a new enthusiasm.

I started sending resumes to various companies over emails and appear in a number of interviews before landing up in my new job as a content writer. My job is a typical 9 to 5 job, and I can also complete my work at home sometimes; thanks to my Smartphone. There are many latest mobile phones available in the market that enables you to blur the line between work and home.

No longer are mobile phones considered just a medium of communication and social networking. The arena has expanded to managing a perfect balance between work and personal life. I used to read my office emails while standing in a queue in the grocery store and now able to keep a tab on my son’s homework using many web-based applications available over my Smartphone.

A Sense of connectivity increases productivity

In an era of globalization, when there is cut throat competition, every business or employer demands increased productivity. Hence they usually are focusing more towards creating an environment that can keep their employees connected to them even after the office hours.

Employees can discuss important issues like who will pick the child from school or who will shop the grocery items by instant messaging feature over the mobile phone. Some prefer to use the Google talk and Yahoo messenger instead. Some employers even offer personalized mobile devices to their employees at subsidized costs for the following reasons.

  • For employers this means longer employee work hour.
  • An employee can be contacted any time anywhere.
  • More focus at work on employees counterpart
  • An employee can surf and can talk over chatting platforms during lunch hours.

Reduce stress to achieve a perfect balance

A perfect work life balance can never be achieved unless; the mind is kept stress free. Many couples used to worry a lot when they head towards their office leaving their small children in the care of a nanny. The first thing that they used to do after reaching their office is to call their nanny so that they can work stress free for at least a couple of hours.

The rampant use of mobile devices that came with various web based applications are helping immensely in reducing the anxiousness of parents while focusing on their work. One can also monitor the home security by using the latest apps like Alarm.com available for iPhone.  One can also do the following things to reduce stress while at work

  • Exercising regularly or practicing yoga on a daily basis.
  • Deep breathing
  • Indulging in some hobby likes painting or photography for a few minutes every day.
  • Communicating with your loved ones
  • Taking out time for yourself every year for at least one long vacation
  • Drinking plenty of water and eating healthy food.
  • Concentrating on present day rather than on the future.

Enjoy music while not doing work

All work and no play can make a man dull. The age old proverb now no longer holds true with the latest mobile phones that allow listening to the favorite music anytime anywhere by plugging the earphones. This helps immensely in refreshing the mind to work for longer periods.

People now enjoy listening to music through the car entertainment system while returning back to home and even while in office without causing any disturbance to others. There are various mobiles that offer excellent audio quality and many web applications that offer any kind of music that you want. Music has a psychological effect on mind and here are the benefits.

  • Stimulate brain cells

According to many research studies, it has been concluded that music has the magical capacity of stimulating the brain cells. Listening to soothing music improves concentration and a sense of contentment to the listener. Music also enhances the creative skills and is thus very helpful for those who are engaged in creative fields like painting, movie making, fashion designing etc.

  • Help in a sound sleep

Sleeping can be a very tough task with all the worries of work in the head. Music cures this and work as tonic to remove all the thoughts. Thus it takes away the stress, depression and anxiety. Listening to music helps us to indulge in a good night’s sleep and thus indirectly keeps the body healthy to start afresh the next day.

  • Increase optimism

Depression leads to concentration loss both at home and while doing any important work. This may cost heavily at the office and may jeopardize the entire career. Music eliminates the depression and infuses a fresh lease of optimism so that one can remain happy by remembering the happy moments of their life.

Thus we can see how one can achieve a work life balance by simply following the above mentioned tips. With the technological advances and Smartphone with internet access in our hand, we can telecommute any time. The thought of losing connection with the office and family can fill the mind with a lot of apprehensions, and no one dare to do so.

Recently while I was attending a dinner party of one of my dear friends, I get an email from my office. I was told to send some of my previously written articles to one of my co-worker. What I did was simply opened the drop box app over my Smartphone and moved the files to the right folder and mailed it to my co-worker.

Last but not the least, it is important to set boundaries for yourself, so as to achieve a perfect balance between your work and personal life so that no one can intrude unnecessarily on your precious time which is solely for your own self and your family. Learn to manage time effectively and stay happy!

Author Bio: I am Sachin and I have written this post to give you clear idea on the above topic. I love to write on different and interesting topics. I have also written for many respectful brands such as Protect your bubble.