5 Best and Free Blackberry Themes

In order to make your Blackberry phone stylish and attractive, one can also find a good number of free Blackberry themes for you to download and enjoy. Following are the 5 best and Free Blackberry themes that you can go with:

Hero Sense theme:

This UI theme is offered by BB Themes, and is especially designed for Blackberry device.  When you choose to go with this type of theme you will be allowed to select between 5 user customizable icons on your home screen, besides that you will also get a fully customizable icon set, which literally means that you can customize your home screen in any way you like. So just go with this type of theme and make your Blackberry screen absolutely dynamic as per your needs and desires.

MAC Os Hidden Dock theme:

This Blackberry theme is compatible with Blackberry 8300, 8310 and 8320 series which gives you an absolute extra boost when it comes to selecting your customized theme. Just as the name suggests, this theme makes your blackberry home screen absolutely similar to Mac Os, hence allowing you to enjoy features like iPhone / iPad in your Blackberry device. This enables “Hidden dock” feature on your home screen while all the other icons will also be customizable. Besides that Hotkey “X” will give you direct access to media, hence allowing you to make the most out of it in the best possible manner.

Super Lab Blackberry theme:

Super Lab offers absolutely free Blackberry themes over Blackberry 8900, 9000, 9630 and 9700 series and this is known to be one of the Blackberry themes that is loved and admired by the most, and this is mainly because of its extensive feature and design. One of the best thing about this Super Lab Blackberry theme is that it does not occupy much space in your system, as the only space it takes on your device is 320KB only, hence making it much more speedier, sleeker and absolutely wallpaper friendly, hence allowing you to make the most out of it, as you will be getting faster performance. Besides that, you will also get up to 8 non user customizable icons on your home screen which is offered in horizontal scroll method. Besides everything else, you will also get:

  • Combined message main box in Left Equalizer.
  • Calendar in Right Equalizer.
  • User Customizable Font sizes and Screen Transitions.
  • Full internal character support.

Newspaper LITE:

This is another useful Blackberry theme that offers you with a variety of option, as it is equipped with a good number of useful and eye catchy menu in news paper style, like the menus will be on Page 1 and Page 2. It also offers customized default icon set which is way much easy to use and offers you a refreshing look toy our home screen, and besides everything else it is smooth clean and attractive too!

Berry Sense HTC Sense theme:

Besides just making your Blackberry like iPhone and iPad, now you are also allowed to get HTC Sense theme on your Blackberry too, which gives you a home screen design and themes similar to that of HTC. When you choose to go with this theme, you will get:

  • Up to 9 total Customizable themes to select from.
  • Hidden Sliding Dock.
  • Hidden today section gives you access to messages and calendar.
  • Profile Icon can be accessed from Home Screen.
  • Keyboard shortcuts including Spacebar for Quick Launch, $ Sign for SMS and MMS, and for searching ALT + S.
  • Customized lock screen with weather slot enabled.

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