Ukraine’s neighbor Russia is a solid place for finding motivation and of course, diversity is something you would expect in the world’s largest country. With a mix of contradicting weather patterns and interesting people, this place has been an inspiration for filmmakers and in fact, well-beloved by video game producers as well. That is why it is not a surprise that arcade gamers fancy Zangief of the Street Fighter series. In fact, you can draw a lot of similarities from Zangief’s success as a villain and the video game industry’s continuing growth. Here are just a few of them.

  • Simpler is better
  • Wearing only his wrestling gear and battle scars, Zangief is probably the simplest character in the game. But why, even with his simplicity, do we fancy this character so much? It is simply because he gets things done. We all love heroes, because really, who does not? There is a closet damsel in distress in every person and somehow there’s a notion that we all yearn to be saved which is why we have an affinity for superheroes and protagonists who end up saving the day for us. Zangief is no exception. His charisma is derived from his simple grappling technique and the famed piledriver. It isn’t too flashy but just take a look at the successful game genres to see which type offers the most replayability. Over the years, we have been introduced to several game type genres ranging from the mashing-button heavy QTEs and arcade action types but those most bought are the ones you can play again and again, like the Street Fighter series.

  • Transcending boundaries
  • Our favorite Russian character is also a part of the movie Wreck-it Ralph. Zangief’s cameo in the movie industry is just one of the possible indications of two industries merging into one. You see, more games are leaning towards dramatic environments, top-notch graphics, and incredible cinematic scenes in video games. Just take a look at the latest Tomb Raider or the Final Fantasy series, and you see will the elements of a film incorporated into a video game.

  • Boom of the online industry
  • With the internet slowly taking over the technological scene, more and more gaming publishers and developers are focusing on interconnectivity. You see, online gaming sites with multiplayer options are clinging to this very ideathe internet is the new way of gaming. You will only have to look at the popularity of MMORPGs and the transition of gaming consoles capable of connecting to the web. With the internet, you can play from wherever you are, be it Russia, Australia, or China. Even the simpler card games are leaning toward connectivity. For instance, there is an increasing number of online gaming portals that provide players with a simple yet fun-to-play haven that also offers the perfect form of interconnection since you can go for rounds against your friends as long as you have a reliable router and internet connection at home. That is why a good router is required in gaming cafes or internet shops. If ever you often lose because of a poor internet connection, maybe it is high time to bug your Internet and phone service providers. With a good router and trusted connection, you will be able to play all the games you want. Whether you would like to try your hand in RPGs, puzzle games or card games, this is the perfect chance for you to relieve some stress. This is a good way to unwind after a few rounds of Street Fighter or after a tiring day at work.

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