Apple’s year has been a rollercoaster, to say the least. 2012 brought forth many notable events in Apple’s history. While the multi-billion-dollar electronics company founded by Steve Jobs does indeed continue to break new ground in technology, it doesn’t come without its price.

The Last Year

One of the most well-known events of past year for Apple was the start of what many electronics enthusiasts though of as an era of litigation. The opening salvos came from the highly publicized Apple vs. Samsung battle that reached its climax with Apple being the runaway victor in terms of design copyrights. While there are of course those who are aware that the Apple is indeed the worthy winner in this battle, there are others who feel that Apple’s documented hard-line policy in terms of patents and copyrights with regards to design and interface could choke the innovation in the market.

But why shouldn’t they? For example, Apple’s iPhone is one of the most highly sought-after (if not the most sought-after) device in the market today. It has undergone four or five incarnations so far, but one thing that remained consistent is its sleek design, excellent GUI, and its excellent performance. This dependence is even more starkly observed in its larger sibling, the iPad, which businesses in the US are now issuing to its employees for business use. Apple has been at the forefront of innovation, according to analysts last year, driving its competitors and the market to greater heights.

But what do they have planned this year?

Coming This Year

Rumors about Apple plans for making their year 2013 a little brighter than the last are already coming out:

  • Bringing Mac Mini Production to America – This year, the electronics giant plans to bring the manufacturing of at least one of their products (the Mac Mini) to US shores. While one side of the debate over this is glad and proposes that there will be an increase in jobs for Americans, there is another side which worries about how this will affect costs, especially if workers unions get involved.
  • Bluetooth Smart Watch – Apple changed the world of mobile phones with the iPhone, but now they may be looking to change watches as well. Not many people wear watches anymore, since a single glance at a cell phone can tell the time; but Apple’s smart watch is designed to control apple devices via Bluetooth.
  • Exploring Alternative Wind Power – Keeping in line with the environmental initiative that re-elected President Barack Obama put forth, Apple is rumored to be using their creative technologies to develop inventions that harness wind energy, taking the place conventional turbines.
  • The Mac Mouse – Apple also plans on redesigning the Mac Mouse. So far it’s been disappointing, but perhaps there will be some breakthroughs this year.

After all, Apple is the business phone provider of choice for countless businessmen all over the country, due to its excellent products and wide range of Apps.